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Nannette Weinhold’s Retirement Journey Through Pickleball

Nannette Weinhold’s Retirement Journey: The passion for pickleball among enthusiasts is visible and distinct, manifesting in diverse expressions of love and play. Age proves to be no barrier as individuals of all ages discover unique avenues to embrace this beloved sport. Nannette Weinhold bid farewell to a 35-year teaching career in June 2023, just as the pandemic’s grip was loosening. Retirement beckoned, and with it, a newfound passion for pickleball.

Discovery of Pickleball

Describing the sport as “extremely addictive,” Weinhold shared, “Once you start getting a taste of it and you start getting better, you can’t stop.” After years of utilizing her cognitive, social, and emotional skills in teaching, she sought a physical outlet. “I wanted to use my body for something,” she reflected.

Global Adventures in Pickleball

Pickleball quickly became her favorite obsession, surpassing her love for running, skiing, mountain biking, and softball. Weinhold’s dedication led her across the Western United States and as far as Asia, where she competed in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam, forging friendships and enjoying local adventures along the way.

“Pickleball is a universal language. You play the game the same wherever you go.” – (Weinhold)

Discovering an internal competitive drive she hadn’t fully tapped before, Weinhold found herself immersed in the vibrant pickleball community, where healthy competition fuels camaraderie. Despite the occasional physical setback, she remains resilient, knowing that setbacks are temporary.

It’s like this confidence,I feel good about my body.” – (weinhold)

Community and Coaching

After Nannette Weinhold’s Retirement Journey, Reflecting on her former grind as a teacher, Weinhold now embraces the introspection retirement offers. With a teacher’s instinct intact, she co-founded “Pickle No Balls,” a coaching business aimed at empowering women through pickleball. “We’re all about helping women build their self-confidence,” Weinhold affirmed. “It’s like taking what you learn on the court out into the world.”

Currently teaching at the Maroon Creek Club, Weinhold plans to expand her coaching reach through Pickle No Balls later this summer, having already coached over 120 women in Carbondale last year.

Recognition and Reflection

Weinhold’s retirement story caught the attention of The New York Times (NYT), which featured her alongside other retirees in a special section, From approximately 1,500 submissions, her story, along with several others, was chosen to be showcased in a dedicated pull-out section. “What Does Retirement Really Mean”.

Grateful for the privilege of retiring, Weinhold recalled her days as a teacher, longing for recess to connect with her students. Her NYT profile aptly titled “Every Day is Like Recess” resonated deeply. “I don’t have to work for the rest of my life,” she mused. “This is huge.” “It was such a diversity of people, I thought it was a good representation of the jobs people have.” weinhold added.

Her journey was immortalized by NYT photographer Stephen Speranza, who captured her passion on the pickleball courts at North Face Park. Weinhold treated him to a local pastry before showcasing her skills.

Weinhold’s retirement, punctuated by pickleball and community service, embodies a life well-lived, where every day brings new adventures and opportunities.

Nannette Weinhold's Retirement Journey 

News in Brief: Nannette Weinhold’s Retirement Journey

Nannette Weinhold embraced pickleball after retiring from a 35-year teaching career in June 2023, finding it “extremely addictive” and a new outlet for her energy. Her passion took her across the Western US and to Asia, competing and making friends along the way.

Co-founding “Pickle No Balls,” she empowers women through coaching, reflecting her commitment to community and self-confidence.

Featured in The New York Times for her retirement journey, Weinhold’s story resonates with gratitude and a zest for life’s new chapters. Her journey, captured vividly by NYT, embodies a vibrant retirement enriched by pickleball and meaningful connections.

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