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The 2024 Pickleball Summit is Scheduled for July 14th

The 2024 Pickleball Summit is Scheduled: The Premier Gathering of Pro, Senior Pro, and Super Senior Players, known as the pinnacle event for pickleball experts, Better Pickleball has confirmed that the 2024 Pickleball Summit will present a stellar lineup of top professional players, coaches, and experts in the sport. Scheduled from July 14-16, 2024, this year’s summit takes place entirely online, ensuring accessibility to enthusiasts worldwide.

Leading the roster of elite Pro players is none other than Dylan Frazier, currently ranked World No. 1 in Doubles. Alongside his partner JW Johnson, known affectionately as “JDub,” Dylan embodies the epitome of athletic prowess, captivating fans with their exceptional skills and dedication to the game. Notably, Dylan’s rise without a tennis background serves as inspiration to countless aspiring pickleball players, proving that success knows no conventional bounds.

Joining Dylan are top Singles players Judit Castillo and Quang Duong, alongside esteemed Senior Pro players like Jose Derisi, John Sperling, Linda Thompson, Sarah Mitten, Tony Roig, Stephanie Lane, and Super Senior Pro standout Deb Harrison.

Beyond the array of professional talent, the Summit promises insightful presentations from leading coaches and experts, delving into topics ranging from athletic conditioning to sports psychology, all delivered in an engaging online format.

CJ Johnson, the visionary behind the Summit, anticipates this year’s event to be the grandest yet, marking its fifth annual occurrence with heightened anticipation among players and attendees alike.

“We expect the 2024 Pickleball Summit, our fifth annual event, to be the biggest and most exciting yet. Player excitement to hear from so many top presenters as we near the event is palpable.”-(cj johnson)

Open to all without any registration fees, participants need only secure a ticket available at to partake in this unparalleled gathering, presented by Better Pickleball and supported by Selkirk Sports.

Key Highlights of the Pickleball Summit:

  • Largest annual gathering in the pickleball community
  • Continuously growing in scale and scope each year
  • Featuring over 25 renowned presenters covering diverse topics
  • Interactive Exhibitor Hall showcasing 12 industry leaders
  • The 2023 Summit attracted over 15,000 players globally
  • Free admission via registration at

News In Brief: The 2024 Pickleball Summit is Scheduled

The 2024 Pickleball Summit, organized by Better Pickleball, is set to be a landmark event for enthusiasts worldwide. Scheduled for July 14-16, 2024, this virtual summit will gather top Pro, Senior Pro, and Super Senior players, coaches, and experts in an entirely online format. Headlined by World No. 1 Doubles player Dylan Frazier and featuring a stellar lineup including Judit Castillo, Quang Duong, and many more, the summit offers insightful presentations on sports psychology and athletic conditioning. With free admission via, this fifth annual event promises to be the largest yet, uniting over 15,000 global participants in celebrating pickleball excellence

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