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Jonny Andrews Special Pickleball Paddle Honors Veterans

Jonny Andrews Special Pickleball Paddle: Known on the pickleball circuit as “Jonny Pickleball,” Jonny Andrews has been a passionate player for years, making his professional debut in 2018. But before becoming a pro in America’s fastest-growing sport, Andrews served six years in the United States Army as a Combat Arms Cavalry Scout, stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

As the only combat veteran on the professional pickleball circuit, Andrews has always prioritized supporting his fellow veterans while promoting the positive impact of pickleball. This commitment led to his partnership with Engage Pickleball to launch a unique paddle—the Pursuit Pro1 Power Series Raw T700 Carbon Fiber Paddle in camouflage.

A Paddle with Purpose

Unlike other professional players who partner with companies to create signature paddles focused primarily on their personal branding, Andrews was determined to create something that symbolized an entire community. “The paddle represents those who have served, those who are currently serving, the families associated with the military, and those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Andrews explained.

“I wanted to be a part of something bigger than just me,” he said. “This paddle has the camo cosmetic from the military because of how many people it impacts throughout the world. I wanted this paddle to represent something more than anything else.”

A New Purpose in Pickleball

The desire to be part of something greater was a significant factor in Andrews’ decision to enlist in the military. After his service, he found a similar sense of community, belonging, and purpose in pickleball. “When I completed my service, I found that it was very easy to get lost, especially when you come back into the world with the normal population of people. It can be very stressful, overwhelming, and challenging,” Andrews shared.

“People in the military struggle with that transition all the time. Those moments of being lost can really get to you mentally. All people need purpose and direction. That’s what they’re looking for. I had purpose and direction in the military, and when I found pickleball, that became my purpose and direction. For all veterans and people who leave the military with any ailments or any sense of feeling lost, pickleball is a great outlet to provide purpose, direction, and community.”

Innovative Design and American Craftsmanship

In addition to its symbolic significance, the Engage Pursuit Pro1 Power Series paddle offers advanced features designed for optimal performance. “The shape makes the paddle more aerodynamic with increased swing speed. It has an elongated paddle handle as well, so it’s maximizing your spin and control. And, it has a big sweet spot too,” Andrews confirmed.

Another point of pride for Andrews is that Engage paddles are manufactured in the United States. “Engage is one of the last paddle companies with products that are American-made, and that stamp is a big deal for me,” he concluded.

The Engage Pursuit Pro1 is already receiving praise from players of all levels, including professionals. Andrews’ collaboration with Engage Pickleball not only showcases his commitment to excellence in the sport but also his dedication to honoring and supporting the military community. Through this special paddle, he continues to spread the message of unity, purpose, and the positive impact of pickleball on and off the court.

Jonny Andrews Special Pickleball Paddle

News in Brief: Jonny Andrews Special Pickleball Paddle

Known as “Jonny Pickleball,” Jonny Andrews is a professional pickleball player and former U.S. Army Combat Arms Cavalry Scout. His dedication to veterans led to his partnership with Engage Pickleball to create the Pursuit Pro1 Power Series Raw T700 Carbon Fiber Paddle, featuring a camouflage design.

This paddle honors military personnel and their families. Andrews emphasizes the community, purpose, and direction he found in pickleball after his military service. The Engage Pursuit Pro1 paddle, noted for its aerodynamic shape, elongated handle, and large sweet spot, is proudly made in the USA. Andrews’ initiative highlights his commitment to supporting veterans and promoting pickleball’s positive impact.

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