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Kernville Pickleball Proposal with Monster Trucks and Marathon

Kernville Pickleball Proposal: At its recent general meeting on Monday, June 25, the Kernville Chamber of Commerce discussed the potential introduction of monster trucks at the local arena. Chamber President Orion Sanders revealed that while there was initial interest from a company, scheduling conflicts posed a challenge. Sanders expressed optimism about hosting monster trucks in the future, citing the potential to boost tourism and local business.

“What happened was we had a company approach us about doing monster trucks in our arena.  And believe it or not, they do fit. We actually had a date on the schedule.”  – ( Orion Sanders )

Sanders expressed optimism for the arrival of monster trucks by autumn, though spring might be a more realistic timeline. “Introducing something novel and thrilling is always beneficial. It draws crowds, boosts tourism, and stimulates local businesses. Monster trucks at the arena would be a fantastic addition,” he remarked.

Sanders mentioned noise constraints with the monster vehicles and highlighted plans for the monster truck company to use filtered dirt. This would not only address noise concerns but also raise and level the low dirt at the arena’s south end.

Pickleball Courts Proposal

Members of the Kern River Valley Pickleball Club presented an ambitious proposal to establish six new pickleball courts in Kernville. Confident in their ability to secure funding through grants, the club aims to complete the project within 12 to 16 months. With the chamber of commerce owning the proposed site, decisions regarding contractors and project approval now rest with the board, pending county regulatory approval—a process expected to differ from previous endeavors.

Sanders informed the chamber board that the chamber of commerce owns the property earmarked for the pickleball courts. Decisions on contractors will follow the club’s fundraising efforts, with the final decision to proceed with the project resting with the chamber board.

Marathon Event Planned for November

Vice President Gary Ananian announced plans for the Sequoia Challenge marathon, scheduled for the first Saturday in November. The route will start at Kernville’s Riverside Park, proceed up Hwy 99, and return to the park. Cal Trails will manage the event logistics, ensuring safety measures such as medical support and road closures coordinated with the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Wine and Dessert Tasting Event

Sanders highlighted an upcoming Wine and Dessert tasting event set for July 6 near Circle Park. This event aims to promote local businesses and community engagement, providing attendees with a unique culinary experience. Registration details can be found at Notorious Entertainment.

Community Projects and Initiatives

Ananian updated the chamber on the progress of the Kernville Happy Tails Dog Park project, recently approved by the Kern County Board of Supervisors. Plans are advancing with contractor bidding expected to commence soon. Additionally, the Kern River Valley Pickleball Club presented a proposal for six new pickleball courts in Kernville, aiming to secure funding through various grants. The chamber, which owns the proposed site, will oversee decisions regarding construction contractors once funds are raised.

Kernville Pickleball Proposal 

News in Brief: Kernville Pickleball Proposal

At its June 25 meeting, the Kernville Chamber of Commerce discussed potential plans for introducing monster trucks at the local arena, facing scheduling challenges but expressing optimism for a future debut. Orion Sanders highlighted the tourism and economic benefits of such events. Noise concerns would be addressed with filtered dirt at the arena. The chamber also reviewed a proposal by the Kern River Valley Pickleball Club to build six courts, pending fundraising and county approvals. Vice President Gary Ananian announced the Sequoia Challenge marathon for November, managed by Cal Trails. A Wine and Dessert tasting event and progress on the Happy Tails Dog Park were also discussed.

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