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Pickleball at Mecklenburg County Parks Open to All

Pickleball at Mecklenburg County Parks: Pickleball is experiencing a significant rise across the nation, marked by a daily increase in the opening of new courts. This trend underlines the sport’s growing popularity and accessibility, appealing to players of all ages and skill levels. The expansion of pickleball facilities not only meets the rising demand but also growing community engagement and active lifestyles. As more countries accept pickleball by providing accessible courts, enthusiasts are finding more opportunities to participate and enjoy this fast-growing sport, contributing to its widespread appeal and lasting impact on recreational activities nationwide.

Pickleball at Mecklenburg county parks can now be retrieved onto the court without needing a reservation, thanks to new rules effective July 1. Previously, players had to book court time in advance at county parks.

Under the updated policy, one-third of all courts are designated for free open play, marked with clear signage to guide players. This change follows a year-long reservation system that now makes way for spontaneous participation, mirroring standard practices seen in other city pickleball venues.

Aokie James, a dedicated pickleball player and advocate, played a important role in advocating for this adjustment with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. According to James, maintaining the option to reserve courts remains important, but opening up public spaces encourages broader participation in the rapidly growing sport.

“You still want to keep people being able to reserve courts, but you also want to get the demand of people who want to come and play in public spaces,” -(James)

This move is expected to improve greater community engagement and accessibility, promoting pickleball’s popularity across Mecklenburg County’s parks.

Places to play pickleball in Mecklenburg

  1. Clarks Creek Park
  2. Colonel Francis J. Beatty Park
  3. Freedom Park
  4. Enderly Park
  5. Pearl Street Park
  6. Huntingtowne Farms Park
  7. Sheffield Park
  8.  Latta Park

9. Martin Luther King Park

10. Tuckaseegee Park

11. Independence Park

12. Clanton Park

13. Carmel Road Park

News in Brief: Pickleball at Mecklenburg County Parks

With an increasing number of courts opening daily, Pickleball serve to players of all ages and skill levels. In Mecklenburg County, a new policy effective July 1 allows pickleball enthusiasts to play without reservations on one-third of all courts, promoting spontaneous participation. Aokie James, a prominent advocate, influenced this change to balance reserved court options with public accessibility, aiming to meet growing demand and improve community engagement. This adjustment is set to promote pickleball’s popularity and accessibility throughout Mecklenburg County, reflecting broader trends in recreational sports.



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