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Owensboro’s New Pickleball Hotspot: Ben Hawes Park Expansion

Owensboro’s New Pickleball Hotspot: In an Innovative partnership, Owensboro Parks and Recreation is teaming up with the River City Pickleball Club (RCPC) to introduce a state-of-the-art outdoor pickleball facility at Ben Hawes Park. This ambitious project, backed by a $1 million investment from Parks and Recreation and a commitment from RCPC to raise at least $500,000, aims to meet the rising demand for pickleball in the community.

The collaboration is currently in the early stages of planning, with both groups examining initial conceptual site plans crafted by Lose Design Firm, renowned for their work on the English Park renovations. Anticipation is high for the upcoming meeting where finalized are expected, marking a crucial step for RCPC to kickstart their fundraising efforts.

Leadership in Recreational Excellence

Amanda Rogers, Director of Parks and Recreation, expressed confidence in RCPC’s ability to secure the necessary funds, underscoring the strategic approach to phasing the construction process. “I have complete confidence in the club and their capacity to raise the necessary funds,” Rogers stated, emphasizing the prudent use of taxpayer dollars between a robust wishlist of facilities.

Rogers affirmed, noting the sport’s meteoric rise nationwide and its growing popularity in Owensboro,“This sport has been successful in warmer climates for years, growing rapidly across the country. It’s amazing how fast the local club has grown in just a few years. I don’t see the sport slowing down anytime soon.”

Designing a Premier Pickleball Destination

RCPC President Alex Ross echoed this sentiment, envisioning the new facility not just as a venue for competition but as a vibrant community hub.

We want this to be a fun facility, whether you’re playing or not,” Ross said. “There is a lot of time when you’re at the court, waiting for a game or just hanging out and socializing, and we want that experience to be fun too. We’ve focused on gathering areas, shade structures, and other elements that would improve the overall experience.

Plans for the facility include up to 20 courts, including specialized champion courts, alongside amenities such as a plaza, practice wall, food truck parking, and spectator seating. This comprehensive approach aims to cater to a broad spectrum of players, from novices to seasoned competitors, while positioning Owensboro as a regional leader in pickleball infrastructure.

Paving the Way for Pickleball Excellence

Currently, Owensboro boasts several pickleball venues scattered across the county, yet the growing membership of RCPC—from 250 to 550 in just one year—shows the pressing need for centralized facilities. “Our goal is not only to meet current demand but to improve a thriving pickleball community capable of hosting tournaments and social leagues,” Ross emphasized.

As plans for the Ben Hawes Park facility take shape, anticipation among local pickleball enthusiasts continues to build. The project represents more than the construction of courts; it symbolizes Owensboro’s commitment to recreational excellence and community cohesion through sports.

For updates on the development of the Ben Hawes Park pickleball facility and details on how to support the project, visit Owensboro Parks and Recreation’s official website.

News in Brief: Owensboro’s New Pickleball Hotspot

Owensboro Parks and Recreation, in collaboration with the River City Pickleball Club (RCPC), is launching a cutting-edge outdoor pickleball facility at Ben Hawes Park. With a $1 million investment from Parks and Recreation and RCPC committed to raising $500,000, the project aims to meet soaring community demand for pickleball.

Designed by Lose Design Firm, known for their work on English Park, the facility will feature up to 20 courts, including champion courts, shaded areas, a plaza, practice wall, and spectator seating. This initiative not only addresses current needs but also positions Owensboro as a regional pickleball leader. Stay updated on the project at Owensboro Parks and Recreation’s website and join us in shaping Owensboro’s pickleball future.

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