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Dolly Cooper Park Pickleball Courts Funding to Anderson Co

Dolly Cooper Park Pickleball Courts Funding: Anderson County, located in South Carolina, has recently celebrated securing a substantial $573,151 grant from State Senator Richard Cash. The grant is designated for the development of pickleball courts at Dolly Cooper Park, a move that shows the county’s commitment to expanding recreational opportunities for its residents. Pickleball, a rapidly growing sport known for its blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis elements, has gained popularity across the United States, appealing to players of all ages and skill levels.

The planned installation of eight courts with lighting not only aims to meet the rising demand for pickleball facilities but also enhances the park’s overall amenities. Council Member Jimmy Davis expressed appreciation for Senator Cash’s support, emphasizing how collaborative efforts between state and local governments can effectively address community needs.

“We are truly grateful for Senator Cash’s assistance with this project, It serves as a perfect example of how state and local government can work together to meet needs as defined by the community.”

– ( Jimmy Davis)

This initiative reflects Anderson County’s proactive approach in promoting healthy lifestyles and community engagement through accessible recreational infrastructure.

Other Places to Play Pickleball in South Carolina

  1. Central Creek Park: Located at Goose Creek, SC, offers premier pickleball facilities with a total of 8 courts—4 indoors and 4 outdoors—all featuring permanent lines and nets. The park provides essential amenities such as water stations, restrooms, lighting for evening play, and wheelchair accessibility, ensuring inclusivity for all players. Best of all, these state-of-the-art courts are free to use, inviting pickleball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the sport in a well-equipped and welcoming environment at any time.

2. Town of Fort Mill & Revealed Pickleball: Located in Fort Mill, SC and managed by the Town of Fort Mill, boasts a premier pickleball facility with 8 meticulously maintained outdoor courts. These courts feature permanent lines and nets, ensuring a professional playing environment for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Best of all, the courts are free to use and can be reserved, providing flexibility for players to schedule games or tournaments. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, Revealed Pickleball offers a welcoming space to enjoy pickleball in Fort Mill.

3. Midway Park: In Myrtle Beach, SC!, facility featuring 10 outdoor asphalt courts designed exclusively for pickleball. Each court is equipped with permanent lines and nets, ensuring a professional-grade playing experience for players of all levels. Best of all, these top-notch courts are free to use, making pickleball accessible to everyone in the community. Please note, while the courts cannot be reserved, ample parking is available at the rear of the park off 19th Ave.

Dolly Cooper Park Pickleball Courts Funding1

News In Brief: Dolly Cooper Park Pickleball Courts Funding

Anderson County, SC, has secured a $573,151 grant from State Senator Richard Cash to build pickleball courts at Dolly Cooper Park. The project underscores the county’s commitment to enhancing recreational options, responding to the sport’s growing popularity nationwide. Eight courts with lighting will be installed, aiming to meet increasing demand and improve park amenities. Council Member Jimmy Davis praised Senator Cash’s support, highlighting the collaboration between state and local governments. This initiative exemplifies Anderson County’s proactive efforts to foster community health and engagement through accessible recreational facilities.



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