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Inside Calabasas Pickleball Club: America’s New Sporting Obsession

Inside Calabasas Pickleball Club: Pickleball has risen as the fastest-growing sport in the United States over the past four years, reports the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Jamie Maio recently visited the newly opened Calabasas Pickleball Club, not just for a lesson but to explore deeper into this growing game.

At Calabasas Pickleball Club, the rules are simple: games go to 11 points, and you can only score on your serve. What sets this club apart is its dedication to pickleball, a unique fact that Jamie found intriguing. Jamie noted that Southern California represents an untapped market for pickleball, emphasizing the club’s unique focus on programs, league play, and open-court bookings.

According to one player, pickleball revolves around skills and strategy, describing the game’s focus on keeping the ball low and outsmarting opponents. People also celebrate pickleball for its social aspects, which extend beyond competition. The club aims to blend sports with socializing, creating a vibe akin to wine country retreats—a vision inspired by the club’s former life as an equestrian facility.

Previously an equestrian venue for six decades, the club retains elements of its past, including stables and horseshoes, adding to its rustic charm. ” Jamie expressed a desire to maintain the club’s unique atmosphere while reflecting on its transformation.

“the cool thing about pickle ball which is very similar to like the horse riding is very therapeutic.” – (Club’s Gm)

For many, pickleball offers more than just physical activity Jamie, highlighting the mental and emotional benefits of the game. “You’re away from the world, competing, having fun, and making new friends.” 

Looking ahead, Jamie envisions the Calabasas Pickleball Club as a welcoming hub for all, focusing on inclusivity and community. “Jamie reflected on how the sport has transformed lives, recounting stories of individuals overcoming challenges through pickleball. “It’s about self-belief and escaping from daily pressures.”

As Jamie concluded the visit, the spirit of companionship and discovery lingered. “I hope you learned something today—I certainly did,” Jamie remarked, expressing the growing allure of pickleball and the vibrant community at Calabasas Pickleball Club.

Inside Calabasas Pickleball Club

News in Brief: Inside Calabasas Pickleball Club

Pickleball has risen in popularity, becoming the fastest-growing sport in the US. Jamie Maio explored the newly opened Calabasas Pickleball Club, highlighting its unique focus on pickleball programs and social integration. Players stress the game’s finesse and strategic elements, likening its appeal to therapeutic benefits akin to horse riding. The club, once an equestrian venue, retains its rustic charm while developing a welcoming community atmosphere. Jamie envisions it as a transformative hub offering both physical activity and emotional relief, reflecting pickleball’s growing influence and the club’s commitment to inclusivity and companionship.



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