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Easton Unveils New Pickleball Courts, Expands Community Recreation

Easton Unveils New Pickleball Courts: Pickleball has found a new home in Easton, Connecticut, with town leaders announcing the reopening of two tennis courts at Hellen Keller Middle School. After resurfacing work is complete later this month, these courts will feature pickleball lines and adjustable nets.

Since 2021, pickleball has been integrated into Easton’s recreational offerings. Initially, the town used tape on the school’s tennis courts to mark pickleball lines, but later secured state funding to upgrade the courts.

First Selectman David Bindelglass stated that they anticipate the refurbished courts to open the week of July 15. The project faced a slight delay due to high temperatures affecting the cement setting process. The refurbishment addresses the courts’ previous disrepair, incorporating the increasingly popular sport into the town’s activities.

The courts were falling apart and cracking,” said Bindelglass. “This project not only fixed that problem, but it also brought pickleball to Easton.

Recreation Director David Sullivan noted that the demand for pickleball might lead to additional courts in the future. The town plans to evaluate its parks and recreational spaces to identify potential needs.

“There is a high demand for athletic fields and adult exercise spaces,” Sullivan said. “Morehouse, Aspetuck, and Hellen Keller parks could be suitable for additional recreation space, but budget constraints have made this challenging.”

Sullivan mentioned that each tennis court can typically accommodate up to four pickleball courts. However, due to limited parking at the middle school, this was not feasible. The courts will operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with the town monitoring usage to decide if additional measures, such as online registration or a timer system, are necessary. The project came with a budget of $305,000, mostly covered by a state grant,  and covered 20 percent of the total expenses, that amounts to $61,000.

Noise concerns have accompanied the rise of pickleball courts, but Sullivan reassured us that only two houses are within 200 yards of the new courts. The town has reached out to the local residents regarding the opening, but they have not revealed their feedback.

Noise is definitely a concern,” Sullivan acknowledged. “And that is one of the reasons why that court was picked.

As Easton continues to enhance its recreational facilities, the introduction of pickleball courts marks a significant step in meeting the community’s growing interest in diverse athletic activities.

News in Brief: Easton Unveils New Pickleball Courts

Easton, Connecticut, will soon unveil refurbished tennis courts at Hellen Keller Middle School, now featuring pickleball lines and adjustable nets. Delayed by high temperatures, the courts are set to open the week of July 15. First Selectman David Bindelglass highlighted the project’s role in integrating pickleball into the community. Recreation Director John Sullivan noted rising demand for pickleball might prompt calls for more courts, amid ongoing evaluations of park and recreational needs. Budget constraints remain a challenge for further development. The middle school courts will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with potential measures to manage usage if needed.



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