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Pickleball’s Rise at Newberry Estates: A Community Unites

Pickleball’s Rise at Newberry Estates: Mary Valentine’s Tuesday evenings have taken on a new vibrancy since she joined a small pickleball league in Dallas two years ago. Drawn by the companionship of playing sports with peers, she now finds herself in between a vibrant scene of competitors across eight courts, with scores more eagerly waiting their turn.

“Like, look at this!,He has 80 (people in) a week. That’s insane.”-mary valentine

Pickleball’s rise in popularity is clear at Newberry Estates, where Jack Monick, the club’s tennis and pickleball director, has witnessed firsthand the sport’s rapid growth. What began modestly with 20 players two years ago has now evolved into a weekly gathering of 60 to 80 enthusiasts every Tuesday night.

”The numbers started going up 50, 70. We had 80 one night.”-(monick)

This expansion is powered by the league’s acceptance of technology. Utilizing Team Reach, an online app, over 400 members stay updated on league activities and RSVP for weekly games, reflecting the sport’s broad appeal and community engagement.

“We have 412 people on Team Reach and growing, Every week we have two or more people just trying to get into Team Reach that will be coming and playing as well.”-(monick)

Eighty-one-year-old Richard Rosenthal validates to pickleball’s gentler impact on the body compared to his years playing tennis. “It’s fast but easier on the legs,” he remarks. “You’re moving, but not as intensely as in tennis.”

“(Pickleball) can be a fast-paced game with a minimal amount of movement,I mean you’ve got to be quick, but I played tennis for 25, 30 years, and there you’re running all over the court. Not that you don’t run here, but not nearly as much. It’s better on the legs.”-(rosenthal)

Beyond its physical benefits, pickleball promotes a strong sense of community. Players at Newberry Estates bond over spirited matches and supportive sidelines, creating a social hub where competition and companionship converge.

For newcomers like Janine Brady, who relocated to Dallas from New Jersey, joining the pickleball league provided a gateway to local connections and friendships. “It’s been a wonderful way to meet people,” Brady shares. “The community here is incredibly welcoming.”

“It was a great way to meet new people,Where can you go that you can meet 100 new people all at once? For me, it was just an amazing experience and everybody has been so welcoming and inviting.”-(janine brady)

Monick Strengthens this social aspect by rotating teams weekly based on skill levels, ensuring players interact and improve alongside new faces.

Courtney Wagner, echoing this sentiment, appreciates the mixed-level gameplay that enhances skill development and enjoyment.

Looking ahead, Monick envisions expanding pickleball’s reach further, including plans for a junior league to cater to younger players. With demographics under 24 showing the fastest growth in the sport, his goal is to nurture a love for pickleball across all ages.

Newberry Estates’ commitment to pickleball extends beyond weekly play, hosting prestigious events like the upcoming senior competition for the 2024 Keystone State Games. Over 150 players aged 50 and above will converge for this Olympic-style event, showcasing pickleball’s appeal as a competitive and inclusive sport.

Pickleball's Rise at Newberry Estates

News in Brief: Pickleball’s Rise at Newberry Estates

Mary Valentine and others at Newberry Estates in Dallas are enjoying the rising popularity of pickleball. What started with 20 players two years ago has grown to weekly gatherings of 60 to 80 enthusiasts. Utilizing technology like the Team Reach app, the league has over 400 members staying connected. Pickleball’s appeal spans generations, offering a less vigoroud alternative to traditional sports like tennis, promoting both community and competition. Plans include expanding to a junior league and hosting events like the 2024 Keystone State Games, highlighting pickleball’s inclusive and competitive nature.



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