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Lincoln Park Pickleball Courts Undergo Renovation

Lincoln Park Pickleball Courts: Excitement and anticipation fill the air as Lincoln Park’s popular pickleball courts undergo a major renovation, promising a fresh and enhanced playing experience for the local community. Over the past week, crews have been hard at work dismantling the old courts, marking the start of a meticulously planned two-phase project. Led by Park and Rec director Joey Schugel, this initiative aims to modernize the courts, ensuring they meet the growing demand and standards of local players. With a completion target set for mid-August, residents eagerly await the transformation that will breathe new life into this beloved recreational facility.

Demolition and Removal in Phase One

Lincoln Park is buzzing with activity as crews embark on the demolition of its pickleball courts. Over the past two days, workers have diligently removed the poles and nets, marking the beginning of a significant renovation project. This is the first step in a comprehensive two-phase plan to revitalize the popular recreational facility. Park and Rec director Joey Schugel oversees the project, ensuring that each phase progresses smoothly and on schedule.

“Phase one is underway, which is demolition and removal of the existing courts, Our contractor will be re-laying an asphalt surface next week. That sits for 30 days, and then it’s inspected by our pickleball surfacing contractor. Phase two will start around mid-July; when everything is inspected as ready to go then the pickleball surface will be laid on top of that.”- Joey Schugel

The primary focus of Phase One is the complete demolition and removal of the existing courts. This foundational work is essential for laying the new asphalt surface. According to Schugel, the demolition phase is critical to preparing the site for the next steps. The old courts, which have seen years of wear and tear, are being carefully dismantled to make way for a modern, improved playing surface.

Schugel has provided a clear timeline for the upcoming work. “Our contractor will be re-laying an asphalt surface next week,” he explained. This new surface needs to cure for 30 days before it can be inspected. The curing process is a crucial period that ensures the asphalt sets correctly, providing a stable base for the final pickleball surface. During this time, crews will monitor the site to ensure everything proceeds as planned.

In addition to the physical demolition, logistical planning is a key part of Phase One. Schugel and his team have coordinated with various contractors to ensure that all materials are sourced and delivered on time. This careful planning helps avoid delays and keeps the project on track. As the old courts are removed, preparations for the new installation are already underway, demonstrating the efficiency and foresight of the project team.

The community has shown great interest in the project, eagerly anticipating the new courts. Schugel has been transparent with the public, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns. This open communication has helped maintain public support and excitement, as residents look forward to enjoying the upgraded facility.

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Laying the New Surface in Phase Two

With Phase One nearing completion, attention is shifting to the exciting developments of Phase Two. This phase will involve laying the new pickleball surface, a critical step in transforming the courts. Once the asphalt surface has cured for the required 30 days, it will undergo a thorough inspection. This inspection ensures that the surface is perfectly prepared to receive the new pickleball coating.

Phase Two is expected to begin around mid-July, contingent on the successful inspection of the asphalt. Schugel explained the process in detail, noting that the final pickleball surface will be applied swiftly if all conditions are favorable. This phase requires precision and expertise, as the new surface must meet specific standards to ensure durability and playability. The application of the pickleball surface is a specialized task, handled by contractors experienced in sports facility installations.

Schugel is optimistic about the timeline, suggesting that the courts could be ready for use by mid-August or even late July. This timeline allows for any unforeseen delays while keeping the project on schedule. The excitement among the pickleball community is palpable, as players eagerly await the completion of the courts. The new surface promises to enhance the playing experience, providing a smoother, more reliable court for games and tournaments.

The project team is committed to maintaining high standards throughout Phase Two. Regular quality checks and close supervision will ensure that the new surface is applied correctly. Schugel emphasized the importance of these measures, stating that the goal is to create a top-tier facility that meets the expectations of local players. This commitment to quality reflects the dedication of everyone involved in the project.

As Phase Two progresses, Schugel and his team will continue to keep the community informed. Updates will be provided regularly, detailing the progress and any important developments. This transparency helps build trust and keeps residents engaged in the project. The anticipation grows as the finishing touches are applied, bringing the vision of a revitalized Lincoln Park pickleball court closer to reality.

Reusing Existing Materials

A notable aspect of the Lincoln Park pickleball court renovation is the effort to reuse existing materials. Schugel highlighted this approach as both environmentally responsible and cost-effective. By salvaging the fencing, nets, and poles from the old courts, the project reduces waste and conserves resources. This sustainable practice is an integral part of the renovation strategy, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly development.

The process of salvaging these materials involves careful removal and assessment. Crews meticulously dismantle the existing structures, ensuring that reusable components are preserved. Schugel reported that the removal process went smoothly, with many materials in good condition. “We should be able to salvage the fencing, nets, and poles to be reused,” he noted. This reuse not only benefits the environment but also helps manage project costs more effectively.

Despite the success in salvaging materials, there may still be a need to replace some items. Schugel acknowledged that not all components might be suitable for reuse. However, the indicators so far are positive, suggesting that a significant portion of the materials can be repurposed. This pragmatic approach balances sustainability with practicality, ensuring that the new courts are built to high standards while minimizing waste.

The reuse of materials also extends to the project’s logistical planning. By repurposing existing components, the team can allocate more resources to other areas of the renovation. This efficient use of budget and materials underscores the careful planning and foresight that has gone into the project. Schugel and his team are committed to making the most of available resources, demonstrating a responsible and innovative approach to the renovation.

Community members have expressed their approval of the sustainability measures. The focus on reusing materials resonates with residents who value environmental responsibility. Schugel has received positive feedback, with many appreciating the project’s efforts to minimize its ecological footprint. This community support further motivates the team to continue prioritizing sustainability throughout the renovation process.

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Safety and Accessibility During Construction

Ensuring safety and accessibility during the renovation is a top priority for the project team. As demolition and construction activities proceed, Schugel has implemented several measures to protect park-goers and workers alike. Safety fencing has been erected around the demolition site to secure the area and prevent unauthorized access. These precautions are designed to minimize risks and maintain a safe environment for everyone involved.

“While construction is going on, give contractors and construction crew a safe amount distance and we will have everything else open and accessible in the meantime.”-schugel

Schugel emphasized that the demolition work should not significantly disrupt the surrounding area. Access via State Street will remain open, allowing residents to continue using other park facilities without major inconvenience. “We need to keep access open off of State Street,” he stated. By maintaining access routes, the project ensures that the park remains functional and accessible, even during construction.

Temporary fencing will be put up once the demolition is complete, further securing the site during the next phase of construction. This fencing will help keep people away from the court area, addressing any safety concerns. Schugel’s proactive approach to safety demonstrates his commitment to protecting the community while delivering the new courts. These measures are designed to provide peace of mind to residents and ensure a smooth construction process.

Lincoln Park itself remains open to the public, with the wading pool and other amenities available as usual. Schugel reassured residents that the park is still safe to use, provided basic safety precautions are taken. “While construction is going on, give contractors and construction crew a safe amount of distance,” he advised. This guidance helps residents enjoy the park’s amenities while being mindful of the ongoing work.

The community has responded positively to these safety measures. Residents appreciate the clear communication and the efforts to minimize disruption. Schugel and his team have worked hard to balance progress with public safety, ensuring that the renovation proceeds smoothly while maintaining access to the park. This careful planning reflects a deep commitment to both the project and the community it serves.

Alternative Pickleball Options

For pickleball enthusiasts eager to play before the Lincoln Park courts are ready, alternative options are available. The local recreation center has stepped in to fill the gap, offering pickleball facilities to the community. This temporary arrangement ensures that players can continue to enjoy their sport without interruption. Schugel highlighted this option, encouraging residents to take advantage of the rec center’s amenities.

The recreation center offers pickleball access for a daily fee or through membership. This flexibility allows players to choose the option that best suits their needs. By providing an indoor alternative, the rec center ensures that pickleball activities can continue regardless of weather conditions. This continuity is important for maintaining community engagement and supporting local sports activities.

The rec center has prepared to accommodate an increase in pickleball players during the renovation. Additional court times and resources have been allocated to meet the expected demand. This proactive planning helps ensure a smooth transition for players displaced by the renovation. Schugel expressed confidence in the rec center’s ability to handle the influx, noting that it has been well-received by the community.

Players have responded positively to the alternative arrangement, appreciating the rec center’s support during the renovation period. Many have taken advantage of the opportunity to play indoors, enjoying the facility’s amenities. The rec center’s role in providing a seamless transition underscores the collaborative spirit within the community, as various organizations come together to support local interests.

As the renovation progresses, Schugel and his team will continue to explore ways to support the pickleball community. Regular updates and open communication will help keep players informed and engaged. The anticipation for the new Lincoln Park courts remains high, but in the meantime, the rec center provides a valuable resource, ensuring that the local passion for pickleball continues unabated.

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News in Brief: Lincoln Park Pickleball Courts

As the Lincoln Park pickleball court renovation progresses, the community eagerly anticipates the completion of this transformative project. With a clear plan in place and dedicated efforts from contractors and the Park and Rec team, the upgraded courts promise to provide a superior playing experience by mid-August. In the meantime, alternative options at the rec center ensure that pickleball enthusiasts can continue to enjoy their sport. The careful planning, commitment to sustainability, and focus on safety highlight the project’s dedication to enhancing local recreational facilities while maintaining community well-being. As the final touches are applied, the new Lincoln Park pickleball courts are set to become a vibrant hub for players, reaffirming the park’s role as a cherished community asset.


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