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New Indoor Pickleball Courts at Harbor Serve as Sports Haven

New Indoor Pickleball Courts at Harbor Serve: Pickleball Harbor, a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility, has opened its doors in Murrysville, offering a climate-controlled haven for pickleball enthusiasts. Located just off Route 22, the center features six courts, advanced technology, and amenities designed for players of all skill levels. Owner Jillian Bateman-McIntosh created this space to provide a consistent environment, free from weather concerns, allowing for year-round play. The grand opening saw a mix of workshops, challenges, and enthusiastic new members, marking a significant milestone in the region’s growing pickleball community. With its unique focus and high-tech offerings, Pickleball Harbor is set to become a local hotspot.

Kathy Thomas of Murrysville no longer has to worry about the elements when she plays pickleball. With the grand opening of Pickleball Harbor, she’s eager to play her favorite sport in a controlled environment.

I play pickleball just about every day, at least five days a week,” Thomas said.

As a new member visiting during Saturday’s grand opening, Thomas was thoroughly impressed with the facility.

A State-of-the-Art Facility

Situated just off Route 22 at 5201 Mellon Road in Murrysville, Pickleball Harbor boasts six courts, air conditioning, automatic line-calling equipment, indoor bathrooms, a lounge area, and a shop selling pickleball gear. The grand opening featured workshops and challenges designed to attract players of all skill levels from Murrysville and beyond.

Pickleball, a sport played on a badminton-sized court with a perforated plastic ball and paddles twice the size of ping-pong paddles, is rapidly growing in popularity. The 2024 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Topline Participation Report noted that the sport grew to 13.6 million players in 2023, a 51.8% increase from the previous year, and a 223.5% surge since 2020.

Filling a Regional Need

As per USA Pickleball, Pennsylvania has 1,269 pickleball courts, with 565 indoors and 704 outdoors. Jillian Bateman-McIntosh, the owner of Pickleball Harbor, aimed to provide a climate-controlled environment where players could focus solely on their game without worrying about weather conditions. This, she discovered through local Facebook groups, was a top priority for players.

“You’re really just thinking about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, rather than the wind factor or the sun or the humidity or the rain,” Bateman-McIntosh said. “Having an indoor facility really is going to allow them to play year-round.”

Innovative Technology

The facility’s high-tech equipment includes systems that determine whether shots are in or out, an app to track player progress, and an automatic serving machine. Bateman-McIntosh noted that some technology is still being installed, but emphasized that the facility’s offerings are unique in the Northeast, thanks to a partnership with German tech company Wingfield.

Pickleball Harbor is the only indoor facility in Western Pennsylvania dedicated solely to pickleball. With about 100 members already signed up before the grand opening, the facility’s popularity is clear. Membership is capped at 250, but visitors can purchase passes to play.

The facility also offers free “pickleball 101” courses for new players during its first four months of operation. Bateman-McIntosh highlighted the sport’s inclusivity, noting that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to seniors.

“It’s a sport where I can play with my three little girls, and I can play with my mom and dad, who are in their 60s,” she said. “Having that accessibility really opens up the doors for any type of profile.”

Enthusiastic Community

Carroll de Vera Roberts, facility’s new coaches, looks forward to introducing more players to the sport, emphasizing the strong social aspect of the pickleball community.

“We certainly welcome those individuals who have not actually picked up a paddle before,” she said. “I think that people can be successful as soon as they get on the court.”

Dallas Blayney, a player from Canonsburg, welcomed the idea of a new indoor facility, noting the scarcity of such spaces in the area.

“Pickleball is a growing game — there’s a lack of indoor facilities in the area for sure,” he said. “It’s nice to see somebody dedicate a space like this to pickleball.”

Rachel Grecco belongs to Cranberry Township, Butler County, was also excited about the new facility. She splits her time between Cranberry and Salt Lake City, where indoor pickleball facilities are common. Grecco appreciates the opportunity to play year-round in a climate-controlled environment.

That makes a big difference for me, because I play year-round,” she said. “Being able to play indoors in the winter here is going to make a difference.

Katerina Luttner of Fox Chapel, a beginner pickleball player, plans to take beginner classes at Pickleball Harbor. She is eager to learn more about the sport, recognizing its health benefits and social opportunities.

Dan Proud from Mount Pleasant, a regular at the Mt. Pleasant YMCA, was drawn to Pickleball Harbor’s pickleball-specific offerings. He joined as a member before the facility opened.

“Pickleball is just a fun sport, and I think I can do it for many years to come,” Proud said. “Ready to retire, and I think it will be a good athletic endeavor for retirement.”

New Indoor Pickleball Courts at Harbor Serve1

News in Brief: New Indoor Pickleball Courts at Harbor Serve

Pickleball Harbor, a cutting-edge indoor sports facility in Murrysville, recently opened, offering a weather-proof environment for pickleball enthusiasts. The center features six courts, advanced technology, and amenities such as air conditioning and automatic line-calling equipment. Owner Jillian Bateman-McIntosh designed the facility to allow year-round play, addressing a regional need for indoor courts. The grand opening attracted many, highlighting the sport’s growing popularity. With unique technology, inclusive programs, and a focus solely on pickleball, the facility aims to cater to players of all ages and skill levels, becoming a hub for the local pickleball community.



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