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Christine Maddox Bridges Pickleball and Holistic Healing

Christine Maddox Bridges Pickleball: In the diverse world of professional sports, pickleball players often lead fascinating lives beyond the court. Christine Maddox, a rising star in the pickleball scene, shows this with her unique journey from sports medicine student to Reiki master.

Reiki and Holistic Healing

Reiki, as Maddox explains, is an energy healing technique that works with the body’s electromagnetic field to promote wellness and alleviate ailments. Unlike acupuncture, it’s non-invasive, relying on the practitioner’s hands to channel healing energy. For Maddox, Reiki isn’t just a practice—it’s a philosophy that guides her holistic approach to health.

Raised in a household that embraced Eastern medicine and holistic practices, Maddox initially pursued sports medicine at Pepperdine University. Her studies in injury prevention and self-care on the court complemented her growing interest in energetic healing. Battling chronic pain from her collegiate tennis days, Maddox found that integrating Western medicine with Reiki offered a balanced solution.

Reiki is basically a hands-off energy healing method that basically works with the electromagnetic field or bio-field around your body. Sometimes, we can get blockages and it can result in a physical ailment or you’re just not feeling your best,” explained Maddox. “A Reiki master helps facilitate your flow. It’s a reminder to the body to heal itself. It’s similar to acupuncture, just without the needles.

Mastering Reiki and Beyond

Maddox’s journey to becoming a Reiki master involved training across three levels, supplemented by Crystal Reiki—a specialized branch using crystals for healing vibrations. This expertise extends beyond human clients; Maddox has successfully applied Reiki to animals, including horses, parrots, and her beloved guinea pigs.

The studying I did at Pepperdine was the integration of injury prevention and taking care of yourself on the court. Adding that with the holistic approach, I realized that you need energetic care at the same time. With my own injuries from college like chronic pain, I realized that a healthy combination of both was what I needed,” she shared. “Naturally, it’s progressed as a nice integration of the two disciplines. I think healthy balance is no extreme in either direction, but instead incorporating Western medicine modalities. Some days, you do need to take an Advil, and other days Advil isn’t needed and some meditation is best.”

Beyond her Reiki practice, Maddox is the founder of Pau Amma Apothecary, where she crafts organic magnesium cream for pain relief. Drawing on her degree in herbalism, Maddox developed the cream to address pain naturally and effectively. Athletes, including her fellow pros on tour, swear by its gentle effectiveness, providing relief without overwhelming side effects.

It has helped me to stay calm. Instead of going down that negative rabbit hole with self-criticism, Reiki has opened up my self-talk vocabulary and allowed more room for positivity,” she noted. “Reiki keeps me grounded.

On the Pickleball Circuit

In addition to her healing ventures, Maddox remains a presence on the pickleball circuit. She credits Reiki for keeping her grounded and enhancing her mental resilience during intense competition.


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With her multifaceted approach to wellness and healing, Christine Maddox embodies the evolving landscape of pickleball professionals. Beyond her skills on the court, she continues to inspire with her commitment to holistic health and innovative solutions for pain management. As she navigates the highs and lows of professional sports, Maddox’s journey serves as a statement to the power of integrating ancient healing practices with modern athletic demands.

In a world where each athlete’s journey is as unique as their game, Christine Maddox shines brightly, bridging the realms of sport, wellness, and holistic healing with grace and determination.

News in Brief: Christine Maddox Bridges Pickleball

Christine Maddox, a rising star in pickleball, blends her background in sports medicine with holistic practices like Reiki and Crystal Reiki. As a Reiki master and founder of Pau Amma Apothecary, she crafts organic magnesium cream for natural pain relief, benefiting athletes on and off the court. Maddox’s journey presents the synergy between Western medicine and holistic healing, enhancing her resilience and performance in professional sports. Her multiple approach underscores her commitment to wellness and inspires both peers and fans in the evolving world of pickleball.

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