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Paddle Tap Pickleball Event at Boynton Beach Draws 280 Players

Paddle Tap Pickleball Event at Boynton Beach: Boynton Beach recently hosted its inaugural Paddle Tap Pickleball tournament, a vibrant gathering that brought together 280 pickleball players eager to show their skills and passion for the sport. This significant event took place at the new Rally Sports and Social Club on 6600 High Ridge Road, featuring expansive facilities including seven indoor pickleball courts. The tournament, organized in collaboration with Paddle Tap Pickleball renowned for its tournaments and gear, highlighted the sport’s growing popularity and community engagement in the area.

At the new Rally Sports and Social Club on 6600 High Ridge Road, pickleball enthusiasts reveled in a sprawling facility spanning 20,000 square feet, complete with seven indoor courts. Brian McMahon, Rally’s chief pickleball officer, expressed excitement about the venue’s capacity for large-scale events.

Partnering with Paddle Tap Pickleball, renowned for organizing tournaments and crafting top-notch pickleball gear, the weekend event showed why pickleball has soared in popularity.

“About two and a half years ago, Duane and I met each other on the pickleball court. We talked about the opportunity to work together and create our own company.” – (Paddle Tap Pickleball owners Alan Laymon and Duane Patchin)

Dynamic Duos

Among the standout duos were Kyle Kelman and Mackie Feierstein, whose chemistry on the court captured the audience’s attention. Despite a challenging start with a loss in their first match, Kelman, 15, and Feierstein, 48, highlighted their newfound partnership and determination to improve.

“We can communicate well together. Our shots complement each other. I think we play well together.” – (Kelman)

“I was doing a private lesson, and he joined, and we had a good connection out there, and we’ve been practicing the last few weeks.” – (Feierstein)

The tournament’s ultimate win went to brothers Rey and Robby Greenlaw from Fort Myers. Their path to victory wasn’t without hurdles, navigating a sudden-death showdown in the championship round.

“It’s tough out there these days. We’re trying to get the chemistry going, but we did good today.” – (Robby Greenlaw)

“That last serve was crazy, man. It was probably about 35 miles per hour. Real nice. Just put the ball in play and make them play.” shared Greenlaw, reflecting on their strategy of consistency and forcing opponents to engage.

Paddle Tap Pickleball Event at Boynton Beach1

News in Brief: Paddle Tap Pickleball Event at Boynton Beach

In Boynton Beach’s debut Paddle Tap Pickleball tournament, 280 players converged at Rally Sports and Social Club, celebrating the sport’s rise in popularity. The event showed the club’s expansive new facilities, boasting seven indoor pickleball courts across 20,000 square feet.

Paddle Tap Pickleball, known for organizing tournaments and promoting pickleball gear, partnered for this milestone event, showing the sport’s growing community appeal.

Among the highlights were the spirited competition and notable performances, including the unexpected pairing of 15-year-old Kyle Kelman and 48-year-old Mackie Feierstein, as well as the championship-winning performance by brothers Rey and Robby Greenlaw from Fort Myers.

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