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Pittsburgh Area’s New Pickleball Courts Open This Week

Pittsburgh Area’s New Pickleball Courts: Pickleball players of Westmoreland County are ready to smash and volley at two exciting new venues gearing up to serve their passion for this fast-growing sport. This weekend marks the grand openings of Pickleball Harbor in Murrysville and the Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood, promising a double dose of excitement for players of all levels.

Pickleball Harbor: Innovation and Excellence

Pickleball Harbor, situated in Mellon Road, emerges as a beacon of innovation with its six indoor courts equipped with automatic line-calling technology. But that’s not all—players can expect top-notch amenities including a pro shop stocked with the latest gear and personalized coaching from seasoned professionals. The grand opening festivities kick off on Sunday morning at 11 a.m., featuring a chance to win $1,500 worth of premium pickleball gear—an enticing treat for enthusiasts eager to elevate their game.

Pickleball Warehouse: Versatility and Community

Over in Homewood, the Pickleball Warehouse on Hamilton Avenue is set to open its doors with a soft launch on Monday, leading up to a grand opening extravaganza on the 20th. Boasting full-sized courts alongside two specialized ‘skinny’ courts, this venue promises a versatile playing experience catering to every skill level. Beyond the courts, players can refuel and relax at the onsite coffee bar or browse the gear shop for the latest in pickleball equipment.

More Than Just Courts

These openings mark more than just new places to play—they signify a growing community of pickleball enthusiasts carving out spaces where competition meets friendship. As Westmoreland County embraces these state-of-the-art facilities, the spirit of pickleball thrives, offering all the newcomers and seasoned players a chance to sharpen their skills and forge new connections.

News in Brief: Pittsburgh Area’s New Pickleball Courts

This weekend, Westmoreland County welcomes two exciting new pickleball venues: Pickleball Harbor in Murrysville, featuring six indoor courts with cutting-edge technology and a pro shop, and the Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood, offering full-sized and specialized courts along with a cozy coffee bar.

These grand openings promise more than just places to play—they embody a vibrant community spirit where players of all levels can thrive, compete, and connect. Join the celebration to experience the essence of pickleball in Westmoreland County, blending innovation, friendship, and a passion for the sport.

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