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Exploring Susannah Barr’s Adventurous Spirit: The APP Star

Exploring Susannah Barr’s Adventurous Spirit: In the latest episode of “Off the Court,” the APP Tour takes a closer look at the life and passions of Susannah Barr, a notable figure in the pickleball community. As the camera follows her through the bustling streets of New York City, Barr opens up about her journey, both in sports and in life, revealing her personality which is driven by curiosity and a love for adventure.

The Roots of a Cyclist

Susannah Barr’s passion for cycling traces back to her college days at Indiana University, where she participated in the iconic Little 500 bike race, a campus tradition inspired by the Indianapolis 500, the endless hours of training through Indiana’s cornfields built a love for cycling that still burns bright today in her spirit.

Cycling, for Barr, is more than just a physical challenge. This spirit of exploration has fueled her dream of biking the Pan American Highway, a dangerous yet exciting adventure that she hopes to undertake one day.

A Love Affair with New York City

As Barr pedals through Central Park, she reflects on her love for New York City, her favorite stop on the pickleball tour. The city’s endless variety of experiences fascinates her. “I realized like I even on my like Instagram I say I’m an adventurer but I don’t think I really am, an experience seeker” she says. Whether it’s the cultural vibrancy or the unique atmosphere, New York offers a wealth of experience that match her spirit.

The Birth of a Pickleball Enthusiast

Susannah Barr’s journey into pickleball began seven years ago, driven by a desire to spend quality time with her son. “We bought paddles for my birthday on Amazon, really cheap ones,” she recalls with a smile. From those humble beginnings, learning the game from a YouTube video in their car, Barr has risen to become a leading figure in the sport.

Exploring Susannah Barr's Adventurous Spirit

Building a Community in Boise

Barr’s impact on the pickleball community goes beyond her personal achievements on the court. She is the driving force behind The Flying Pickle, an 18-court indoor facility in Boise, Idaho. “It is incredible to see what kind of community we’ve built,” she says proudly. The facility has become a hub for pickleball enthusiasts, offering a space where the sport’s communal spirit flourishes. “We just really wanted to do it for pickleball, to the best of our ability,” she adds.

Finding Joy in Competition

With 24 medals won in 2023 alone, Barr’s competitive spirit is undeniable. Yet, her approach to competition is refreshingly grounded. “When I really think about it, it’s about how did I play? Did I have fun?” she reflects. For Barr, the enjoyment of the game and the satisfaction of playing well are important. This mindset not only enhances her performance but also ensures that she enjoys every moment on the court.


Susannah Barr’s journey demonstrates the power of passion and perseverance. Whether she’s cycling through new landscapes, exploring the lively streets of New York, or nurturing a pickleball community in Boise, Barr approaches life with infectious enthusiasm. Her story reminds us that sports, at their best, are not just about competition, but about the joy of discovery, the excitement of new experiences, and the connections made along the way. As Barr continues to carve her path, both on and off the court, she shows the spirit of adventure that defines true champions.


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News in Brief: Exploring Susannah Barr’s Adventurous Spirit

Susannah Barr is an energetic personality both on and off the court, as highlighted in the latest episode of “Off the Court” by the APP Tour. Her journey spans from her college days cycling at Indiana University’s Little 500 to becoming a key figure in the pickleball community. Barr’s passion for cycling mirrors her adventurous nature, driven to explore new landscapes and aim to conquer the Pan-American Highway. Her fondness for New York City reflects her appetite for diverse experiences beyond sports, highlighting her love for cultural vibrancy. As a community leader in Boise through The Flying Pickle, Barr demonstrates a commitment to nurturing a lively pickleball scene. Despite her competitive achievements, including 24 medals in 2023, Barr remains focused on enjoying the game and performing well, showing the spirit of a true champion with her enthusiasm for discovery and passion for life.

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