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MLP Mid-Season Tournament Preview and Washington DC Recap

MLP Mid-Season Tournament Preview: Welcome back to Inside Major League Pickleball, where we delve into recent events and upcoming tournaments. This episode recaps the exciting matches from MLP Washington DC and previews the Advil Mid-Season Tournament, set to take place from July 10th to the 14th.

Standout Teams in Washington DC

St. Louis Shock: The St. Louis Shock, led by Anna Bright, delivered another strong performance. Team members include Kate Fahey and teenagers Gabriel Tardio and Hayden Patriquin.
– The team’s focused and intense approach is driven by Bright’s leadership. “Big H” (Patriquin) received praise for his outstanding performance on the Carvana PPA Tour.

New York Hustlers: The Hustlers, who struggled in Atlanta, made a remarkable comeback in DC, winning all six matches.
– Their success was attributed to increased court time and better teamwork, emphasizing the importance of playing in a way that enhances a partner’s performance.

Utah Black Diamonds: The Utah Black Diamonds had a disappointing 0-4 record. Despite having solid players, they struggled to click as a team.
– Their challenges stemmed from proximity-based drafting and injuries, particularly Jay Devilliers, who played at less than full health.

Carolina Pickleball Club: Featuring Ben and Collin Johns, Andrea Koop, and Jessie Irvine, this team has yet to fully gel.
– The team’s potential could be unlocked with more playing time together. Irvine’s recent strong performance in San Clemente and Koop’s motivation as the Grand Rapids tournament director were highlighted.

Las Vegas Night Owls (Challenger Level): The Night Owls went undefeated in DC, with standout performances from Zoe Wong and Judit Castillo.
– Wong’s versatility and Castillo’s athleticism, along with their strong singles skills, were noted as significant advantages in Dreambreaker scenarios.

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Podium Plays of the Week

Bronze Medal: Allyce Jones and Dekel Bar
– Jones’ impressive dive and retrieval during a rally with Dekel Bar earned her a spot on the podium.

Silver Medal: Todd Fought
– Todd’s spectacular Bert ATP shot at the Challenger level wowed the crowd and his bench.

Gold Medal: Jay Devilliers
– Devilliers’ behind-the-back winner, which also made it to SportsCenter’s Top 10, secured the top spot.

LOL Segment: Jack Sock’s Explosiveness

– A humorous segment featured a discussion about Jack Sock’s “prodigious backside” and its impact on his performance. Sock attributed his explosiveness to “the cheeks power,” adding a light-hearted moment to the show.

Standings and Playoff Race

Premier Level

  • The New York Hustlers top the standings with 18 points, having transformed their performance since Atlanta.
  • The importance of being in the top six to make the playoffs was emphasized, noting that teams at the bottom need to improve quickly.

Challenger Level

  • The Atlanta Bouncers and Aces are tied at the top with 15 points each. The Bouncers, however, have suffered four Dreambreaker losses.
  • With only 10 teams in the Challenger level, six will make the playoffs, leaving less room for error.

Waivers, Trades, and Cash Considerations


  •  Notable trades include Vivian Glozman of the Bay Area Breakers for Elise Jones of the DC Pickleball Team and Pablo Tellez of the Texas Ranchers for Martin Emrich of the Brooklyn Aces.
  • These trades, involving both Premier and Challenger levels, included significant cash considerations, highlighting Glozman’s high value.


  • Teams have several opportunities throughout the season to cut and pick up players. The waiver order is based on standings, with the Utah Black Diamonds trading their first waiver pick to the Texas Ranchers.
  • The Texas Ranchers picked up Quang Duong, a standout player known for his signature sleeves and two-handed backhand, replacing the injured Christian Alshon.

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Cash Considerations Explained

  • The inclusion of cash considerations in trades was highlighted, with some involving six-figure amounts, showing the growing professionalism and financial stakes in pickleball.

News in Brief: MLP Mid-Season Tournament Preview

As the Advil Mid-Season Tournament approaches, teams are making strategic moves to improve their standings and secure playoff spots. With standout performances, trades, and new talent emerging, the excitement in Major League Pickleball continues to build.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth analysis on Inside Major League Pickleball.

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