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Major League Pickleball: Shaping the Future of Competitive Play

Major League Pickleball (MLP) is redefining professional sports with its dynamic gameplay and star-studded lineup. Boasting nearly 100 of the top-ranked professional players and visionary team owners, MLP has captured the hearts of pickleball enthusiasts worldwide. With 22 hometown teams spread across two competitive levels – Premier and Challenger – MLP offers a thrilling spectacle like no other.

Innovative MLPLAY Format

MLP introduces an innovative gameplay format that promotes inclusivity and teamwork. Matches comprise four games, with the first two featuring either women’s or men’s doubles, followed by mixed doubles. In the event of a tie after four games, teams engage in a DreamBreaker, a unique singles tiebreaker that epitomizes the essence of teamwork and community spirit.

Dual-Tier System: One League, Two Levels

MLP is structured into two levels: Premier and Challenger. The Premier Level hosts 12 elite teams comprised of the top 48 drafted players, while the Challenger Level nurtures the talents of 10 emerging players eager to make their mark on the professional circuit. This dual-tier system ensures fierce competition while fostering opportunities for aspiring pickleball stars to shine.

The 2024 Season: Excitement Awaits

The 2024 MLP season promises excitement with eleven events scheduled across the United States. Featuring eight regular season events, a Mid-Season Tournament, and the MLP Playoffs, the season guarantees non-stop action for fans. Each team participates in five regular season events, contesting a total of 23 matches. Stay updated on event schedules and locations to catch all the thrilling matchups.

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Competitive Spirit: Regular Season Standings

In every regular season match, teams compete for three standings points, awarded based on match outcomes. Points distribution is as follows:

  • 3 Points: Regulation win (e.g., 3-1 or 4-0 win; no DreamBreaker needed)
  • 2 Points: DreamBreaker win (e.g., 3-2 win)
  • 1 Point: DreamBreaker loss (e.g., 2-3 loss)
  • 0 Points: Regulation loss (e.g., 1-3 or 0-4 loss; no DreamBreaker needed)

Mid-Season Showdown: MLP Mid-Season Tournament

The Mid-Season Tournament gathers all 22 MLP teams in a double elimination bracket showdown. Premier and Challenger teams collide in a thrilling display of skill and strategy, vying for the coveted midseason tournament championship title and lucrative prize payouts.

Road to Glory: Major League Pickleball Season Playoffs

As the regular season concludes, the top six teams from each level advance to the MLP Playoffs. Taking place over two weeks in November, the playoffs are the pinnacle of MLP competition, where teams battle fiercely for glory and recognition.

Elevating the Game: It’s All About Rally Scoring

MLP embraces rally scoring, a progressive approach that intensifies gameplay and captivates audiences. Unlike traditional scoring, points are awarded after every rally, irrespective of the serving team. With games played to 25 points and DreamBreakers to 21 (win by 2), rally scoring ensures constant action, heightened suspense, and a thrilling spectator experience.

In pickleball’s evolution, rally scoring emerges as a game-changer, enhancing the sport’s appeal and cementing MLP’s status as a trailblazer in professional sports entertainment.


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