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Waters and Parenteau Epic Win: CIBC Texas Open

Waters and Parenteau Epic Win: In a final that will be etched in the annals of pickleball history, Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau showcased their supremacy at the CIBC Texas Open powered by TIXR. Facing the formidable duo of Callie Smith and Lucy Kovalova, the top-seeded pair left no doubt as to why they are considered the queens of women’s doubles pickleball.

One-Sided Match

Set 1: A Display of Dominance

The opening set saw Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau hit the ground running, executing a masterclass in doubles play. Their synchronized movements were a sight to behold, as they covered the court with effortless grace. Waters’ powerful serves set the tone early, while Parenteau’s relentless net play kept Smith and Kovalova constantly on the defensive. Despite their best efforts, Smith and Kovalova struggled to find their rhythm, and the set concluded with a decisive 11-3 victory for the top seeds.

Set 2: Maintaining the Momentum

Determined to keep their foot on the gas, Waters and Parenteau maintained their intensity into the second set. Their communication was seamless, allowing them to anticipate and counter every move from Smith and Kovalova. The precision shots from Waters, coupled with Parenteau’s strategic placements, left their opponents scrambling. Despite the valiant efforts and occasional brilliant rallies from Smith and Kovalova, the result was a mirror of the first set, with Waters and Parenteau claiming another 11-3 win.

Set 3: Sealing the Championship

With the championship point looming, Waters and Parenteau unleashed their full arsenal in the third set. Their chemistry on the court was evident, as they moved in perfect harmony, executing flawless shots and strategic plays. Smith and Kovalova, determined to mount a comeback, fought valiantly and showcased their grit. However, the relentless pressure from Waters and Parenteau proved insurmountable. The top-seeded duo clinched the title with an emphatic 11-4 victory, sealing their dominance in the tournament.

Waters and Parenteau: A Dynamic Duo

Anna Leigh Waters, renowned for her impeccable court coverage and precision shots, found an ideal partner in Catherine Parenteau. Their chemistry was palpable, and their combined skill set made them an unstoppable force. This victory not only cements their status as the premier pair in women’s doubles but also highlights their strategic brilliance and unyielding determination.

Smith and Kovalova’s Grit

Despite the scoreline, Callie Smith and Lucy Kovalova displayed commendable heart and resilience throughout the match. Their journey to the final was marked by thrilling rallies and an unwavering spirit that won the admiration of fans. Their sportsmanship and determination, even in the face of adversity, were exemplary and underscored their status as top competitors in the sport.

Standings: Women’s Doubles

Player Name Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Anna Leigh Waters / Catherine Parenteau 11 11 11
Callie Smith / Lucy Kovalova 3 3 4


As the final point was scored, the crowd erupted in applause, celebrating the remarkable display of skill and strategy. Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau lifted the winner’s trophy, their victory a testament to their prowess and the intensity of the competition. The highlights of this match is available on the PPA Tour Official YouTube channel.

Waters and Parenteau Epic Win

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News In Brief: Waters and Parenteau Epic Win:

Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau dominated the CIBC Texas Open women’s doubles final against Callie Smith and Lucy Kovalova. Their flawless teamwork and strategic brilliance led to convincing 11-3 victories in the first two sets. Despite efforts from Smith and Kovalova, Waters and Parenteau sealed the championship with an 11-4 win in the third set, showcasing their supremacy. Smith and Kovalova displayed grit and resilience but couldn’t overcome their opponents’ dominance, highlighting the depth of talent in women’s doubles pickleball.


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