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New Pairs Compete in Sacramento Open’s Mixed Doubles

New Pairs Compete in Sacramento Open: This week, at PPA Tour’s Veolia Sacramento Open, the courts are vibrant with a slide of fresh pairings in both men’s and women’s doubles, promising an exciting showcase of talent and strategy.

Among the notable duos gracing the courts are James Ignatowich and Ben Johns, Jaume Martinez Vich & Pablo Tellez, Gabe Tardio paired with Riley Newman, Federico Staksrud teaming up with Hayden Patriquin, Jack Sock partnering with Thomas Wilson, Pat Smith alongside Collin Shick, Lea Jansen paired with Vivian Glozman, Lauren Stratman and Kaitlyn Christian joining forces, Jessie Irvine in tandem with Andrea Koop, and Callie Smith paired with Alix Truong.

The pairing of Gabe Tardio and Riley Newman emerges as a particularly intriguing prospect. Tardio’s prowess on the right side of the court has been noteworthy, while Newman’s track record as one of the top left-side players in 2023 raises anticipation. Yet, questions linger: how will Newman fare after his gap until this juncture of the PPA 2024 season? How seamlessly will their styles meld? Both possess exceptional athleticism, suggesting court coverage won’t pose a challenge. Tardio’s defensive solidity when properly positioned is akin to a defensive wall, while Newman’s expected role in the middle beckons curiosity.

The partnership of Federico Staksrud and Hayden Patriquin adds an intriguing dynamic to the mix. Both predominantly favor the left side, necessitating Patriquin’s potential shift to the right. However, potential conflict looms in the middle, as both possess adept court coverage skills. Patriquin’s reliable backhand could unknowingly lead to overlapping attempts at middle balls, inviting opponents to exploit this potential vulnerability through strategic targeting.

This week, the duo to watch for is James Ignatowich and Ben Johns. Initially, doubts may arise due to their shared inclination towards the left side. Yet, delving into historical tournaments unveils Ignatowich’s versatility, having showcased proficiency on the right side as well. His skill set harmonizes seamlessly with Johns’, particularly in the context of right-side play, where the ability to counter left-side attacks is paramount. Ignatowich’s backhand counter, coupled with his strategic positioning, presents a formidable defensive front. Partnering with Johns allows Ignatowich to capitalize on his strengths, with Johns’ commanding presence alleviating pressure and facilitating strategic positioning.

The crux of partnering with Ben Johns lies in adhering to a clear mandate not to lose the points. Implicit in this directive is the imperative to maintain composure, ensure consistent ball placement, and ultimately coerce opponents into confronting Johns. The partnership thrives on a division of responsibilities, with Johns assuming the lion’s share of pivotal plays while the partner remains watchful for potential speedups directed their way.

The strategic essence of counterplay assumes paramount importance, especially given opponents’ fondness for disruptive tactics. Ignatowich’s proficiency in this domain renders him an ideal complement to Johns’ formidable presence, with their incredible partnership they are primed for success.

New Pairs Compete in Sacramento Open

James Ignatowich and Ben Johns’ partnership lies in their complementary skill sets, strategic cohesion, and shared determination to seize the gold. As the action unfolds on the Sacramento courts, all eyes will undoubtedly be on this dynamic duo, assured to leave a lasting mark on the PPA circuit.

News In Brief: New Pairs Compete in Sacramento Open

The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) stop in Sacramento sees a lineup of exciting new doubles pairings, including Gabe Tardio and Riley Newman, Federico Staksrud with Hayden Patriquin, and James Ignatowich teaming up with Ben Johns. Each duo brings unique dynamics and challenges, with a focus on how they adapt to each other’s playing styles. Ignatowich and Johns stand out for their complementary skills and strategic cohesion, making them a duo to watch. As the tournament unfolds, all eyes are on these pairings as they aim to make their mark on the PPA circuit.

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