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PPA Orange County Cup 2024 Approaches: Excitement Builds

PPA Orange County Cup 2024: PPA Orange County Cup 2024 Approaches the lively community of San Clemente, California. It is now set to welcome an exciting week of pickleball as the event begins on Monday, June 24, 2024. This much-anticipated event, held at the Life Time Rancho San Clemente, promises top-notch action featuring over 1,300 players, both professional and amateur.

A Premier Event for Top Talent

Jeff Watson, the PPA’s vice president of communications, highlighted the significance of this event within the professional circuit.

“Cups are worth 1,500 ranking points that goes to their ranking, so those are kind of important on the tour,” Watson explained. “So, because this is a Cup, most, if not all, of the top players will be playing, for sure.”

The PPA Tour’s ranking system awards points based on tournament type: Slams give 2,000 points, Cups offer 1,500 points and Opens provide 1,000 points. The deeper players advance in the tournament, the more points they acquire, making the Orange County Cup a crucial stop for many athletes.

A Favorite Among Pros

One such professional is Mary Brascia, a San Clemente tournament veteran and Mission Viejo native. She has participated in this event for four years, even before turning pro in 2022.

“I’ve always had a good experience playing there, and Life Time in San Clemente has probably one of the prettiest facilities that we play at for pickleball on tour,” said Brascia. “I think every pro looks forward to playing in San Clemente, and everyone loves coming to Southern California.”

Brascia’s journey in pickleball began in 2020, quickly evolving into a daily passion and her professional career. She encouraged spectators, whether familiar with the sport or not, to come out and enjoy the event.

“Everyone needs to come out and watch the PPA event, because pickleball is a super clean environment and PPA puts on a great event with lots of music, food and drinks,”she added.

More Than Just Professional Play

The Select Medical Orange County Cup isn’t solely for the pros. Watson highlights the inclusivity of the event, noting that it features brackets for amateurs of all ages and skill levels. This year’s tournament is also part of the United Pickleball State Championship Series, a nationwide series of tournaments aimed at crowning the best pickleball players by state.

Gold, silver, and bronze medalists from various skill levels and age groups (excluding Pro, Senior Pro, Junior, and Money Ball events) will earn entries into the United Pickleball State Championship in Dallas, Texas, starting on November 4.

Growing the Sport

Events like the Orange County Cup have significantly contributed to pickleball’s growing popularity. Watson noted that more amateurs are now participating in these tournaments than ever before, reflecting the sport’s growing appeal. Brascia restated this sentiment, highlighting pickleball’s accessibility.

“Pickleball is much easier to learn (than tennis), and you can play the sport with anyone whether you’re old, you’re young,”she said. “It’s just a really amazing sport, so it just really excites me to see how much it’s growing.”


PPA Orange County Cup 2024

News in Brief: PPA Orange County Cup 2024

San Clemente welcomes the PPA Select Medical Orange County Cup from June 24-30, 2024, at Life Time Rancho San Clemente. This major event features over 1,300 players, both professional and amateur competing for crucial ranking points, with Cups awarding 1,500 points. Notable players like Mary Brascia highlight the venue’s appeal. The tournament, part of the United Pickleball State Championship Series, includes brackets for all skill levels, promoting inclusivity and growth in pickleball. The sport’s popularity is evident, with rising amateur participation and ticket sales expected to double from last year. Tickets start at $25, and more information is available at []

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