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Pickleball Xpress: Revolutionizing Pickleball in Long Island

Pickleball Xpress: A new era in sports and recreation has dawned on Long Island’s South Shore with the debut of Pickleball Xpress, a pioneering venture spearheaded by four dynamic partners. Located at 181 Freeman Ave. in Islip, adjacent to Gold’s Gym, the first Pickleball Xpress complex opened its doors earlier this spring, promising a blend of competitive play and family-friendly fun.

Quadir Russell, a former IBM engineer and one of the driving forces behind the brand highlighted the sport’s universal appeal across all age groups.

The thing I love most about pickleball is just the fact that every age can play it,” remarked Russell.

There’s really no sport where you could all go with your family and have it be a competitive game,” Russell said

Setting themselves apart from competitors, It boasts state-of-the-art amenities including spacious 18-foot ceilings to prevent ball interference, and a specialized pro cushion flooring system designed to minimize impact on joints—a boon for players of all ages.

Lots of places have painted concrete, which tends to be hard on the knees, hard on the joints, Whereas we went with a pro cushion system, which is pretty expensive but it’s really good for the older crowd, too.”- (russell)

Pickleball Xpress

The 10,000-square-foot facility features four regulation courts, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers eager to explore the sport. Russell encourages beginners to join their free Beginner Clinic, utilizing the promo code PBFIRST for a complimentary 60-minute session complete with equipment and expert guidance from Coach Gus.

As the brand gears up for expansion with upcoming locations in Brightwaters and Red Hook, Brooklyn, Long Island’s sports enthusiasts can anticipate more opportunities to embrace this rapidly growing sport in a welcoming and professional environment.

News in Brief : Pickleball Xpress

Four partners have launched Pickleball Xpress, a chain of pickleball complexes starting in Islip on Long Island’s South Shore. The first facility opened at 181 Freeman Ave., boasting 18-foot ceilings and a pro cushion flooring system to enhance player experience. Quadir Russell, a former IBM engineer and co-founder, emphasizes pickleball’s appeal across all age groups, promoting inclusivity and competitive fun for families. The 10,000-square-foot facility features four regulation courts designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned players. Newcomers are encouraged to attend the free Beginner Clinic using promo code PBFIRST, offering a complimentary 60-minute session with equipment provided and coached by Gus.

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