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Women singles Quest for the PPA Tour’s Finals 2024

Women singles Quest for the PPA Tour’s Finals: Originally, the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour was slated to have 24 tour stops leading up to the CIBC Finals in December. However, in a significant update last month, the PPA announced changes to the latter half of the 2024 schedule, including the cancellation of the Denver Open. Consequently, the tour will now feature 23 stops before the climactic CIBC Finals.

Key Schedule Adjustments and Implications

The cancellation of the Denver Open has slightly changed the dynamics of the tour, yet the anticipation remains high as players compete for a spot in the prestigious CIBC Finals. The top eight teams will qualify for the Finals, held in December in San Clemente, California. With 11 events still on the calendar, an additional 14,500 points are available, keeping the competition intense and the outcomes unpredictable.

The Underdog with the Best Shot: Jorja Johnson

Among the hopefuls, Jorja Johnson stands out as the underdog with a promising chance to secure a place in the CIBC Finals. While Anna Leigh is expected to maintain her lead unless an unforeseen disaster strikes, the battle for the remaining spots is intense. The current top six players are considered secure or nearly so, leaving Salome Devidze, Kaitlyn Christian, Lina Padegimaite, Judit Castillo, and Jorja Johnson to contest for the two available slots.

Top Competitors

1. Salome Devidze: In spite of not being near lock, Devidze’s consistent performance, in spite of fewer tournament appearances, keeps her in the running.
2. Kaitlyn Christian: Christian holds a 2,000-point lead over Johnson, a gap that seems challenging yet achievable.
3. Lina Padegimaite: Known for her resilience and strategic play.
4. Judit Castillo: A strong competitor with a strong track record.
5. Jorja Johnson:  The underdog facing a significant points gap to secure qualification.

Analyzing the Field

Anna Leigh’s dominance is clear, making her the favorite to finish first. The remaining slots, particularly the seventh and eighth, are where the real contest lies. Salome Devidze’s fewer but solid performances keep her competitive, while Kaitlyn Christian’s consistent showings give her an advantage over Johnson. However, the unpredictability of sports leaves room for surprises.

Rank Player Race Points
1 Anna Leigh Waters 9400
2 Lea Jansen 6900
3 Catherine Parenteau 5500
4 Mary Brascia 4700
5 Brooke Buckner 4500
6 Salome Devidze 4300
7 Parris Todd 4050
8 Kaitlyn Christian 3750
9 Lina Padegimaite 2275
10 Judit Castillo 2200
11 Lacy Schneemann 2075
12 Lauren Stratman 2000
13 Jorja Johnson 1750
14 Dominique Schaefer 1650
15 Liz Truluck 1225
16 Ava Ignatowich 1125

Predictions for the Final Spots



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The prediction for the final two spots leans towards Salome Devidze and Kaitlyn Christian, suggesting that the top eight players will retain their positions through the second half of 2024.

Women singles Quest for the PPA Tour's Finals

Unfolding Drama: The Journey to December’s CIBC Finals

The PPA Tour’s journey toward the CIBC Finals is marked by unexpected changes and intense competition. With the Denver Open’s cancellation reducing the tour stops to 23, players like Jorja Johnson face a challenging yet exciting path ahead. The availability of 14,500 points across 11 events ensures that the battle for the final spots will be compelling. As the season progresses, the determination and skill of these athletes will be tested, leading up to what promises to be an exciting CIBC Finals in December.

News in Brief: Women singles Quest for the PPA Tour’s Finals

The PPA Tour’s path to the CIBC Finals has undergone adjustments with the cancellation of the Denver Open, leaving 23 stops for players to earn points toward qualifying. Anna Leigh leads confidently, while the competition intensifies for the remaining spots. Salome Devidze and Kaitlyn Christian hold strong positions, with Jorja Johnson emerging as a potential underdog contender. Despite a points gap, Johnson aims to secure one of the final two spots against competitors like Lina Padegimaite and Judit Castillo.

The tour’s dynamics promise intense battles as players vie for qualification with 14,500 points up for grabs across 11 remaining events. As the season progresses, the race to December’s CIBC Finals in San Clemente showcases resilience, strategy, and the unpredictability of competitive pickleball.

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