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Men and Women Doubles Race to CIBC Finals of PPA Tour 2024

Men and Women Doubles Race to CIBC Finals: As the pickleball season speeds towards its climax at the CIBC Finals, set to take place from December 4 to 8, 2024, at LifeTime in San Clemente, the race for qualification intensifies with crucial adjustments to the PPA Tour schedule. Following the cancellation of the Denver Open, the tour now stands at 23 stops, raising the stakes across both women’s and men’s doubles divisions. With 11 events still remaining, players have 14,500 points up for grabs, ensuring that the race for the finals remains fiercely competitive.

Women’s Doubles: Intensity in Qualification Pursuit

In women’s doubles, the competition is intense as players compete for position with only the top 16 securing their spot at the prestigious finals. A strong lineup of experienced contenders has solidified their positions as certainties and near-certainties. Icons like Anna Leigh Waters, Catherine Parenteau, and Anna Bright headline the list of likely qualifiers, their consistent performances and strategic skills placing them comfortably within the top ranks.

Rank Player Race Points
T-1 Anna Leigh Waters 10800
T-1 Catherine Parenteau 10800
3 Anna Bright 9350
4 Rachel Rohrabacher 7550
T-5 Meghan Dizon 6500
T-5 Marietta Wright 6500
7 Callie Smith 5850
8 Lucy Kovalova 4700
9 Vivienne David 4400
10 Lea Jansen 4200
11 Tina Pisnik 4000
12 Tyra Hurricane Black 3950
13 Lacy Schneemann 3650
14 Parris Todd 2950
15 Jorja Johnson 2900
16 Jade Kawamoto 2750
17 Andrea Koop 2600
18 Jackie Kawamoto 2350
19 Lauren Stratman 2300
20 Allyce Jones 2275


However, the battle intensifies for the remaining spots, with a group of talented athletes competing for their chance under the California sun. Standouts including Lucy Kovalova and Hurricane Tyra Black are likely qualifiers, their strong point totals and ability to win matches make them strong opponents. Yet, the margin for error narrows significantly for contenders like the Brascia sisters, trailing behind by substantial points with limited events remaining to close the gap.

The final three spots are expected to be highly contested. Parris Todd, Jorja Johnson, and Jade Kawamoto emerge as frontrunners assured to secure their places, their consistent performances and strategic understanding positioning them favorably. However, variables like tournament participation and fluctuating form add an element of unpredictability, potentially reshaping the landscape as the season progresses.

Men’s Doubles: Elite Competition and Strategic Moves

In men’s doubles, the scenario mirrors the competitive intensity of its counterpart, with established certainties and near-certainties dictating the story. The presence of players such as Collin Johns, Ben Johns, and Dylan Frazier highlights the division’s elite status. Their dominance, and strategic expertise ensured their secure passage to the finals.

Rank Player Race Points
1 Collin Johns 8850
2 Benjamin Johns 8650
3 Dylan Frazier 7400
4 James Johnson 7200
5 Federico Staksrud 7000
6 Dekel Bar 6150
7 Tyson McGuffin 5750
8 Matt Wright 5450
9 Thomas Wilson 5400
10 Pablo Tellez 5000
11 Christian Alshon 3875
12 Jaume Martinez Vich 3750
13 Andrei Daescu 3600
14 Hayden Patriquin 3275
T-15 Connor Garnett 3200
T-15 Gabe Tardio 3200
17 Riley Newman 3100
18 Tyler Loong 2700
19 Augie Ge 2500
20 Zane Navratil 2475

Yet, the battle for the remaining spots is a mix of strategic calculations and peak performances. Contenders like Tyson McGuffin and Jaume Martinez Vich, positioned as near-certain qualifiers, bring a wealth of experience and skill to the forefront, strengthening their chances amid an intensely competitive field. Meanwhile, unexpected contenders like James Ignatowich hover on the edge, their potential to disrupt the established order showcasing the depth of talent in the sport.

A critical subplot revolves around Andrei Daescu‘s imminent return from suspension, and his ability to regain momentum and fend off challengers crucial to the final standings. With four spots up for grabs and a group of contenders within striking distance, the dynamics are ripe for unexpected twists and turns. Players like Riley Newman and Hayden Patriquin are assured to capitalize on strategic partnerships and consistent performances, their determination and skill potentially reshaping the final standings.


Men and Women Doubles Race to CIBC Finals

Countdown to the CIBC Finals: High Stakes and Unpredictability

As the countdown to the CIBC PPA Finals begins, the stakes have never been higher. Each of the remaining 11 events will be crucial as players compete for points to secure their places at Life Time in San Clemente. CIBC Finals will not only feature the sport’s elite professionals but also offer a unique opportunity for amateur players to compete alongside their idols, making it a celebration of pickleball talent at all levels. The finals promise to be an exciting showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship, highlighting the best of what pickleball has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, the road to San Clemente is filled with opportunity and excitement.

News in Brief: Men and Women Doubles Race to CIBC Finals

The PPA Tour races towards the CIBC Finals from December 4-8, 2024, in San Clemente, with 23 stops after the Denver Open cancellation and 11 events remaining. Players have 14,500 points up for grabs.

Women’s Doubles

Top Qualifiers: ALW, Catherine Parenteau, and Anna Bright are strong contenders.
Likely Qualifiers: Lucy Kovalova and Hurricane Tyra Black.
Contenders: The Brascia sisters need to close a significant points gap. Prediction: Parris Todd, Jorja Johnson, and Jade Kawamoto are expected to secure the final spots, but the race is tight.

Men’s Doubles

Top Qualifiers: Collin Johns, Ben Johns, and Dylan Frazier.
Likely Qualifiers: Tyson McGuffin and Jaume Martinez Vich.
Contenders: Andrei Daescu’s return and players like Riley Newman and Hayden Patriquin could reshape the standings.

The remaining events are crucial for players aiming to secure their spots at the Finals, promising an exciting showdown.

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