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What To Do If Your Partner Leaves You in Doubles?

What To Do If Your Partner Leaves You in Doubles?: There have been some very sad doubles breakups in professional pickleball recently. The most remarkable one is Pablo Tellez and Federico Staksrud, who have decided to split up. This made me wonder if pickleball partnerships can truly last.

Parting ways with a long-term doubles partner is always tough. A doubles breakup can be heartbreaking. You made amazing memories on the court together. Remember when you both called in sick to join the CIBC Texas Open at the last minute? Or when you first decided to chase your pickleball dreams full-time together?

Playing pickleball is one of the greatest joys that you can have in your life, which is why a doubles breakup can be so heartbreaking. Here are some tips that can help a partner who is thinking about a split.

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  1. Tell your partner in a safe, public place. If their aggression on the court helped you win gold in the 4.0 bracket at the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup, things could get ugly if that emotion is directed at you. Be polite and talk kindly.
  2. You might have to switch courts. I know you love your court because of the people, the shade, and how close it is to work. But, these are some sacrifices that you have to make when you end a partnership.
  3. Now you have to show your ex-doubles partner what they’re missing. Practice a lot. Start commanding with perfect drives and third shot drops that used to annoy your former teammate when you missed them.
  4. Try playing tennis with that guy who has an amazing serve and always threatened your ex. If your ex partner is brave enough to keep coming to your courts, show them what a great player they are missing out on.
  5. There will be some awkward moments. The pickleball community is small. You will probably see your ex at a court somewhere or face them in a tournament. Keep your confidence high.

But don’t fret. Everything happens for good. Your lifelong doubles partner is out there somewhere. Going through a doubles breakup in pickleball is hard. Luckily, Pickleball.com is here to support you. You will move forward. We assure you.


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