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Meghan Fudge and Jack Munro won Zimmer Biomet APP 2024 New York City Open

Meghan Fudge and Jack Munro won the Zimmer Biomet APP 2024 New York City Open was a landmark event in the world of pickleball, drawing over 1,400 players to the iconic USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This tournament highlighted the sport’s growing popularity and showed the exceptional talent and competitive spirit of its participants. Over a thrilling weekend, players from across the globe competed fiercely in both the women’s and men’s championship pools, ending in the much-anticipated APP NYC Pro Shuffle. The event was a testament to the dedication and skill of the athletes, and it set a new standard for pickleball competitions, celebrating both seasoned professionals and rising stars.

Women’s Championship Pool

The women’s championship pool began with two rounds of intense pool play, setting the stage for the top contenders: Susannah Barr, Jill Braverman, Megan Fudge, and Christa Gecheva. These athletes showcased their skills and determination, each vying for a spot in the finals. The competition was fierce, but Barr and Fudge stood out early on, displaying exceptional teamwork and strategy. Their efforts paid off in the first match, where they secured a decisive 21-13 victory over Braverman and Gecheva. This win set the tone for the rest of the championship rounds.

Game two was a nail-biter, featuring a back-and-forth battle between the teams. Barr, now partnered with Braverman, faced off against Fudge and Gecheva. The match was a showcase of resilience and skill, with both teams exchanging leads multiple times. In the end, Barr and Braverman managed to edge out a narrow 21-19 win, giving Barr her second victory of the day. This game highlighted the adaptability and competitive spirit of the players, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The third game saw Fudge and Braverman team up against Barr and Gecheva. Fudge and Braverman took control from the start, displaying a combination of powerful shots and strategic placements that overwhelmed their opponents. The match ended with a commanding 21-9 win for Fudge and Braverman. This decisive victory not only showcased their synergy as a team but also demonstrated Fudge’s exceptional form throughout the tournament. Her performance was a key factor in her eventual triumph.

Megan Fudge emerged as the overall champion, thanks to her outstanding performance and a remarkable +18 point differential. Reflecting on her success, Fudge expressed her joy and satisfaction. “It was a fantastic day,” she said. “I felt like the ball looked like a volleyball, I was seeing the ball really well. It was a little chaotic, but I tried to have fun, move well, and have high energy for my partner and myself. It was a fun event.” Her victory at the 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open added to her impressive weekend, during which she also earned two gold medals.

Zimmer Biomet APP 2024 (2)

Men’s Championship Pool

The men’s championship rounds featured a stellar lineup of Brendon Long, Jason McNulty, Jack Munro, and Will Sobek. Each player brought their A-game, promising an exciting series of matches. In the first game, Munro and Sobek teamed up to take on Long and McNulty. The duo of Munro and Sobek showed excellent coordination and tactical play, securing a 21-16 victory. This win set the stage for a highly competitive series of matches, with each player eager to claim the championship.

In the second game, Sobek continued his winning streak by partnering with Long against McNulty and Munro. This match was characterized by high-intensity rallies and remarkable shot-making from both teams. Sobek and Long managed to maintain their composure and secured a 21-17 win, further establishing Sobek’s dominance in the tournament. This game demonstrated the high level of skill and competitiveness that defines the championship rounds, keeping fans thoroughly entertained.

Game three saw Munro and Long team up to face McNulty and Sobek once again. Determined to make a comeback, Munro and Long played with renewed vigor and strategic precision. Their efforts paid off as they clinched a 21-17 victory, adding a win to their record and forcing a total-points tiebreaker between Munro and Sobek. This win was crucial in setting the stage for a dramatic conclusion to the men’s championship rounds, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the tournament.

The tiebreaker led to a deciding game to five, which would determine the overall men’s champion. In a display of some of the best talent in pickleball, Munro and Long faced off against Sobek and McNulty. The match was intense and filled with high-caliber play, but ultimately, Munro and Long emerged victorious with a 5-2 win.

This victory secured Munro’s overall championship and his first career APP Tour gold medal. Munro reflected on his journey, saying, “In New York a year ago, I didn’t even qualify for mixed doubles and went 0 and two in men’s doubles. Coming here now and not only competing but performing well enough to get some medals is definitely huge in a year’s time. I owe a lot to [APP Founder] Ken [Herrmann] for finding me and helping me flourish.”

Conclusion of the APP NYC Pro Shuffle

The 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open concluded with the much-anticipated APP NYC Pro Shuffle, marking the end of a thrilling and action-packed tournament. Held at the transformed USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the event attracted over 1,400 players, turning the venue into a pickleball hub. The Pro Shuffle served as a fitting finale, bringing together top talent and showcasing the sport’s growing popularity and competitive spirit.

Throughout the weekend, the tournament witnessed remarkable performances from both seasoned professionals and rising stars. The women’s and men’s championship rounds provided spectators with high-intensity matches and unforgettable moments. The players demonstrated exceptional skill, resilience, and sportsmanship, making the event a memorable experience for everyone involved. The competitive atmosphere was palpable, with each match contributing to the overall excitement and energy of the tournament.

The success of the 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open was not only measured by the number of participants but also by the high level of competition and the quality of the matches. The transformed USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center provided the perfect backdrop for this prestigious event, with its world-class facilities enhancing the players’ performances. The tournament’s organization and execution were praised by players and spectators alike, reflecting the efforts of the APP and its commitment to promoting the sport of pickleball.

As the event came to a close, the impact of the APP NYC Pro Shuffle was clear . It highlighted the growth and potential of pickleball as a competitive sport, attracting more players and fans to the game. The tournament’s success set a high standard for future events, showcasing the APP’s ability to host world-class competitions. The 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open will be remembered as a landmark event in the pickleball calendar, celebrating the sport’s evolution and the extraordinary talent of its players.

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Final Women Standings After the Zimmer Biomet APP 2024

Rank Player Name
1 Megan Fudge
2 Jill Braverman
3 Susannah Barr
4 Christa Gecheva
5 Mari Humberg
6 Amanda Hendry
7 Regina Goldberg
8 Carolina Lopez Ascarate
9 Allison Harris
10 Bobbi Oshiro
11 Yana Newell
12 Riley Bohnert
13-16. Shelby Bates (alpha)
13-16. Arielle Butler (alpha)
13-16. Judit Castillo (alpha)
13-16. Kelsey Grambeau (alpha)


Final Men Standings the Zimmer Biomet APP 2024

Rank Player Name
1 Jack Munro
2 William Sobek
3 Brendon Long
4 Jason McNulty
5 CJ Klinger
6 Ryler DeHeart
7 Johnny Goldberg
8 Stefan Auvergne
9 Richard Livornese
10 Jayden Broderick
11 Andre Mick
12 Will Howells
13-16. Jack Foster (alpha)
13-16. Brandon Lane (alpha)
13-16. Spencer Lanier (alpha)
13-16. Rob Nunnery (alpha)

Zimmer Biomet APP 2024 (4)

News in Brief: Zimmer Biomet APP 2024

The 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open concluded with a display of exceptional talent and fierce competition, solidifying its place as a cornerstone event in the pickleball calendar. The transformed USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center served as the perfect venue for this gathering of over 1,400 players, each bringing their unique skills and passion to the court. From the thrilling women’s and men’s championship pools to the climactic APP NYC Pro Shuffle, the tournament was a celebration of pickleball’s rapid growth and the extraordinary athletes who are driving its evolution.

As the event came to a close, the impact of the 2024 APP New York City Open was clear. It underscored the potential of pickleball as a major competitive sport, attracting a broader audience and fostering a deeper appreciation for the game. The tournament’s success has set the stage for continued growth and excitement in the pickleball community, promising even greater achievements in the years to come. The 2024 Zimmer Biomet APP New York City Open will be remembered as a crucial moment in the sport’s history, celebrating the dedication, skill, and vibrant spirit of its players.

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