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Knott’s Fine Teams with Pickleball for Fried Pickle Dip Celebration

Knott’s Fine Teams with Pickleball: Knott’s Fine Foods made a flavorful splash this spring as the premier sponsor of two pickleball tournaments, serving up their latest creation, Fried Pickle Dip, to enthusiastic attendees alongside a tantalizing array of culinary delights.

Under the Knott family’s stewardship, including CEO Josh Knott and sales and marketing lead Chloe Knott, the tournaments hosted by Hub City Picklers and Paris Pickleball Club in late April and May were infused with a delectable assortment of Knott’s signature offerings. From grilled pimiento cheese sandwiches to chicken wraps with pickle dip and buffalo chicken nachos, guests were treated to a culinary adventure highlighting the versatility of Knott’s products.

Chloe Knott, representing the fourth generation of the family-run business, expressed delight at sharing their newest creation with pickle-loving communities. “Introducing our Fried Pickle Dip to fellow pickle enthusiasts felt like a natural fit,” she remarked. “We’re excited about the creative possibilities ahead and hope our customers feel inspired to feature Knott’s Fine Foods at their own pickle-themed events.”

Throughout the tournaments, guests eagerly sampled Knott’s products and indulged in flavorful combinations, often returning for seconds or seeking out additional samples. Chloe noted the enthusiastic reception, emphasising Knott’s commitment to providing versatile flavours that elevate everyday meals and gatherings.

Tournament hosts Julie Wigger of Hub City Picklers and Marsha Banasiewicz of Paris Pickleball Club expressed sincere appreciation for Knott’s sponsorship, recognizing the distinctive flavour and spirit the brand brought to their events.

“We are profoundly grateful for Knott’s Fine Foods’ premier sponsorship,” Wigger remarked. “Their involvement added an extraordinary dimension to our tournaments.”

Banasiewicz echoed this sentiment, expressing excitement for future collaborations. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Knott’s Fine Foods,” she said.

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For Josh Knott, the tournaments represented more than just sponsorship opportunities; they were a chance to connect directly with the community and share Knott’s passion for quality food. “It’s a privilege to engage with our community and share our newest creation, Fried Pickle Dip, alongside our classic offerings,” he emphasised. “Seeing everyone come together to enjoy our products underscores our commitment to bringing innovative and enjoyable experiences to our customers.”

As the tournaments drew to a close, the partnership between Knott’s Fine Foods and the pickleball community signalled the beginning of a flavorful journey, one filled with collaboration, creativity, and a shared love for all things pickle.

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Knott’s Fine Foods took centre court at two pickleball tournaments, wowing attendees with their latest sensation, Fried Pickle Dip. Led by CEO Josh Knott and marketing head Chloe Knott, the family business showcased a mouthwatering spread, from grilled pimiento cheese sandwiches to buffalo chicken nachos. Enthusiastic hosts and guests alike praised Knott’s flavorful contributions, marking the start of a promising partnership between the brand and pickleball enthusiasts, where innovation meets community spirit.

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