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Woodbury Welcomes All-World Pickleball: A New Hub for Pickleball Fans

Woodbury Welcomes All-World Pickleball: Woodbury is set to welcome a new 45,000-square-foot indoor pickleball facility, proposed under the moniker “All-World Pickleball.” Spearheaded by Erik Edin, a pickleball enthusiast and owner of Easy Pickleball LLC, the venture is slated to open its doors this autumn. The facility, nestled within an existing multitenant building within the Royal Gateway business park along Interstate 94 and Hudson Road, is poised to house 15 courts, providing ample space for enthusiasts to enjoy the rapidly growing sport.

The proposal, championed by Austin-based ARCOMurray on behalf of Charleston’s Greystar, seeks to repurpose a segment of the Royal Gateway business park, offering a vibrant addition to the area’s recreational landscape. With construction on the larger business park already completed earlier this year, the spotlight now turns to the development of this specialized pickleball haven.

Edin envisions a state-of-the-art facility tailored to the needs of pickleball aficionados. With a blank canvas at his disposal, he plans to curate optimal playing conditions, featuring pickleball-specific lighting, absence of hard fences, and championship dimensions for each court. The proposed location within the southern building of Royal Gateway aligns strategically with the project’s vision, offering accessibility and convenience for players.

While Greystar refrained from comment on the venture, ARCOMurray is scheduled to present its plans to the Woodbury Planning Commission for approval. City staff, in a show of support for the proposal, are recommending its approval, underscoring the positive economic impact and recreational value it promises to bring to the community.

Woodbury Welcomes All-World Pickleball:

Royal Gateway’s strategic positioning within a burgeoning area of Woodbury underscores the city’s commitment to fostering growth and investment. Situated amidst a landscape of continued development and notable establishments such as Amazon’s sorting center and Kindeva Drug Delivery’s facility, the addition of All-World Pickleball contributes to the area’s allure as a thriving hub of activity.

The emergence of All-World Pickleball adds to the growing trend of indoor pickleball facilities across the Twin Cities, reflecting the sport’s rising popularity and demand for dedicated playing spaces. From the data center-turned-Minneapolis Pickleball Club to the Heights Racquet Social Club in Mendota Heights and Chips Pickleball Club in Eagan, the region is witnessing a surge in pickleball venues, catering to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

News in Brief

Woodbury anticipates the arrival of All-World Pickleball, a 45,000-square-foot indoor facility spearheaded by Erik Edin. Planned for Royal Gateway business park, it will boast 15 courts with bespoke features, catering to pickleball enthusiasts. Backed by ARCOMurray and Greystar, the proposal is poised for approval by the Woodbury Planning Commission, with city staff endorsing its positive impact. This venture aligns with Woodbury’s growth trajectory and adds to the Twin Cities’ trend of dedicated pickleball facilities, reflecting the sport’s surging popularity in the region.

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