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Pickleball Kingdom Teams Up with Original Penguin: Fashion Meets Fun

Pickleball Kingdom Teams Up with Original Penguin: Pickleball Kingdom, a burgeoning force in the world of pickleball, is embarking on a stylish new venture with Original Penguin, a division of Perry Ellis International, to bring a touch of fashion to enthusiasts across the Valley. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Pickleball Kingdom, just over two years since its inception in Chandler.

Under the agreement, Original Penguin apparel, renowned for its high-quality polo shirts and sportswear, will be supplied to Pickleball Kingdom coaches and staff, while also being made available for purchase at Pickleball Kingdom retail outlets and online stores. Mike Ace Rodrigues, the founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting Original Penguin’s reputation for quality and style.

“Original Penguin’s reputation for quality and style is unmatched, and we are excited to offer apparel that not only meets our performance needs but also reflects our brand’s commitment to excellence,” remarked Rodrigues. He sees this collaboration as a significant step in elevating the sport and expanding its global presence.

The timing of this partnership aligns with Pickleball Kingdom’s expansion efforts, as exemplified by the recent opening of a facility in Plano, Texas, as part of the company’s broader franchising strategy. With additional locations slated to open throughout the year in various states, including Georgia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Texas, along with plans to venture into Canada, Pickleball Kingdom’s footprint is steadily growing.

Rodrigues anticipates strong retail sales bolstered by the addition of Original Penguin merchandise in these new locations. Known primarily for its diverse range of products, including golf shirts, Original Penguin’s foray into pickleball apparel underscores its commitment to catering to the sporting community’s fashion needs.

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Oscar Feldenkreis, CEO of Perry Ellis International, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasising the synergy between the companies’ dedication to quality and style. “This partnership is a perfect blend of our commitment to quality and style,” said Feldenkreis. “We look forward to outfitting players, fans, and staff alike, ensuring they not only perform their best but also look great on and off the court.”

In addition to this exciting collaboration, Pickleball Kingdom has teased plans for a reality TV show titled “Pickleball Paddle Battle,” adding another dimension to its growing influence in the world of pickleball entertainment. With contestants named and anticipation building, the show promises to further elevate the sport’s profile and captivate audiences.

News in Brief 

Pickleball Kingdom has partnered with Original Penguin, a division of Perry Ellis International, to offer stylish, high-quality apparel to its coaches, staff, and customers. This collaboration aligns with Pickleball Kingdom’s expansion, with new locations opening across several states and into Canada. CEO Mike Ace Rodrigues and Perry Ellis CEO Oscar Feldenkreis emphasized the shared commitment to quality and style. Additionally, Pickleball Kingdom is launching a reality TV show, “Pickleball Paddle Battle,” to further promote the sport.

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