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Dill Dinkers Plans 50+ Indoor Pickleball Facilities Across North Texas

Dill Dinkers Plans 50+ Indoor Pickleball Facilities: Dill Dinkers, an indoor pickleball facility company based in Maryland, has made a significant move to redefine recreational options in North Texas, announcing ambitious plans to establish a formidable presence across the region. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs Justin Goehring and Brock Oldenkamp, the endeavor aims to introduce at least 50 new locations, spanning key areas such as Euless, Southlake, Keller, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, and Mansfield.

The decision to expand into North Texas follows Dill Dinkers’ successful ventures in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Connecticut, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing accessible indoor pickleball facilities nationwide.

“Dill Dinkers has established itself as a leader in providing accessible indoor pickleball facilities, and I am thrilled to bring such a valuable concept into the area I grew up in. We noticed that there weren’t many pickleball courts here and are looking forward to providing players more court time year-round with high-quality indoor courts that create a safe place where players can have fun and improve their skills.”-(dill)

Justin Goehring, whose entrepreneurial ventures include Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co., expresses enthusiasm for introducing the beloved sport of pickleball to his hometown area. Reflecting on his initial experience with the game, he shares, “After playing pickleball for ten minutes, I was hooked.” Goehring’s passion for fostering community engagement and recreational opportunities aligns seamlessly with Dill Dinkers’ mission to offer high-quality indoor courts that cater to players of all skill levels.

Brock Oldenkamp, using his expertise in real estate and construction, complements Goehring’s vision, ensuring the seamless execution of the expansion initiative. Together, they embody the ethos of Dill Dinkers, committed to creating safe and welcoming spaces where players can cultivate their skills and forge lasting connections.

Dr. Ben Litalien, Chief Development Officer at Dill Dinkers, lauds the strategic partnership with Goehring and Oldenkamp, citing their robust business acumen and shared dedication to creating local impact. Emphasizing the transformative potential of pickleball in driving community cohesion, Litalien expresses confidence in the duo’s ability to spearhead the company’s growth in the Dallas region.

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“Justin and Brock are exactly the type of developers we are looking for,” said Dr. Ben Litalien, Chief Development Officer at Dill Dinkers. “They are joining our team with strong business acumen and an established franchise network that will no doubt bring success to their locations in the Dallas region. The pair believe in the power of pickleball to drive impact locally and we’re excited to support them as they build something special for Dallas and the Dill Dinkers family for years to come.”-(dill)

Dill Dinkers invites prospective franchise candidates to join the growing network of pickleball enthusiasts as it embarks on this ambitious expansion journey. With a commitment to providing unparalleled support and resources, Dill Dinkers aims to cultivate a thriving community of franchisees dedicated to advancing the sport’s reach and impact.

With the promise of 30 opened locations by year’s end, Dill Dinkers stands set to revolutionize the recreational landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts across North Texas and beyond.

News in Brief : Dill Dinkers Plans 50+ Indoor Pickleball Facilities

Dill Dinkers, a pickleball facility company, led by Justin Goehring and Brock Oldenkamp, plans to establish 50 new locations in North Texas, expanding from their successful ventures in several states. Goehring’s passion for pickleball aligns with Dill Dinkers’ mission, while Oldenkamp’s expertise ensures seamless execution. Dr. Ben Litalien praises their partnership, anticipating community cohesion. Franchise opportunities are available as Dill Dinkers promises 30 opened locations and over 500 committed sites by year’s end, revolutionizing recreational options for pickleball enthusiasts in North Texas and beyond.

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