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Pittsfield Welcomes New Pickleball Facility

Pittsfield Welcomes New Pickleball Facility: Mayor Peter Marchetti revealed the city’s latest attraction, in outdoor recreation with the formation of the new pickleball facility on Thursday, marking the occasion with an opening match alongside Parks Commissioner Cliff Nilan, Tony Riello, and Kelly Maginnis from Berkshire Mountain Pickleball. The ceremonial ribbon cutting signaled the commencement of the match, symbolically opening the courts to eager enthusiasts.

“This has been a project that dates back to about 2018 and has been made possible based on the Parks and Recreation staff, and members of the Parks Commission,” Marchetti said, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that ended in this milestone achievement.

Amidst the anticipation for a confrontation¬†between former mayor Linda Tyer and Mayor Marchetti, a last-minute cancellation due to work commitments disappointed some attendees. However, Marchetti seized the moment to extend gratitude towards Tyer and the ARPA team, whose allocation of $520,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act fund played a crucial role in realizing the project’s fruition.

With six courts, a dedicated parking lot, and shaded seating, the long-awaited project materialized on the northeast corner of Springside Park, adjacent to the Doyle Softball Complex on Benedict Road. The resurrection of the pickleball proposal, previously sidelined in 2019, found new life with funding exceeding $500,000 from the city’s substantial American Rescue Plan Act funds.

“This is such a great day. We’re celebrating this fantastic new asset in our community, a beautiful pickleball facility,” expressed Gina Armstrong, special project manager for the funds.

The utilization of federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act underscores a broader commitment to social and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing public health needs, economic revitalization, infrastructure enhancements, and community development.

The investment by the city’s administration in this facility is an important one, as it helps to build a strong healthy community by promoting active lifestyles and connection for people of all ages so it’s so exciting to be here with all of you today,” Armstrong highlighted, underscoring the facility’s significance in encouraging community togetherness and well-being.

Pickleball’s meteoric rise in popularity, blending elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, has captivated a diverse demographic, with an estimated 4.8 million players according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Michael Gilardi, founder of BMP, attested to its status as the nation’s fastest-growing game, highlighting its universal appeal across age groups and genders.

Pittsfield Welcomes New Pickleball Facility

Park, Open Space, and Natural Resource Program Manager James McGrath commended Gilardi’s perseverance, lauding his instrumental role in propelling the project forward. The facility, equipped with six courts, promises newfound outdoor recreational opportunities for the community, with a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

“These courts now provide our community with new outdoor recreation opportunities. These six courts will be open to the public from dawn until dusk on a first come first served basis, with the exception of some confirmed reservations. At least three of these courts will be available to the public at all times,” Marchetti explained, outlining the accessibility protocols for public utilization.

The game’s appeal goes beyond the age barriers, as highlighted by Parks Commission Chair Paula Albro, dismissing the misconceptions about its demographic appeal. “This isn’t just for us senior citizens, as a lot of people think that it’s for us more mature people. It isn’t. It’s for all ages and, in fact, the leading percentage of people that play, players are in their 30s,” Albro said, explaining the game’s inclusive nature and its potential to foster community engagement and physical well-being.

News In Brief: Pittsfield Welcomes New Pickleball Facility

Mayor Peter Marchetti inaugurated a new pickleball facility in the city, celebrating its opening with a match alongside Parks Commissioner Cliff Nilan, Tony Riello, and Kelly Maginnis from Berkshire Mountain Pickleball. The project, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, saw collaboration between city officials and community members. Despite a cancellation by former mayor Linda Tyer, Marchetti expressed gratitude for her support.

The facility, featuring 6 courts, shaded seating, and parking, aims to promote community well-being and inclusivity. The project underscores a commitment to social and economic recovery post-COVID-19. Pickleball’s popularity, especially among diverse age groups, highlights its universal appeal and potential for community engagement.

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