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Houston-Area Randalls Set to Transform Into Exciting Pickleball Facility

Houston-Area Randalls Set to Transform: In a transformative development set to Clear Lake’s recreational landscape, an erstwhile Randalls supermarket in the Bay Pointe Shopping Center is set to undergo a remarkable metamorphosis. Once a bustling retail hub, the 40,000-square-foot space will soon emerge as the latest hotspot for pickleball enthusiasts in the Houston area.

Under the leadership of professional player Shellton Jean Baptiste and his wife, Debi Jean Baptiste, the Elite Pickleball Club is set to unveil its second pickleball facility in the Houston region within this revitalized venue. With a targeted inauguration slated for January 2025, the club aims to introduce 13–14 crafted courts, marking a significant milestone as the “first, fully dedicated indoor pickleball facility in Houston, TX.”

At Elite’s current facility on 610 W. 6th Street, a diverse array of membership options caters to both committed players and casual visitors seeking to partake in the pickleball experience. From pay-as-you-go access to comprehensive membership packages, the club endeavors to accommodate varying preferences and lifestyles, ensuring accessibility for all.

Moreover, Elite distinguishes itself by offering personalized instruction sessions conducted by seasoned instructors, catering to individuals across the proficiency spectrum, from novices to seasoned veterans. This commitment to nurturing talent underscores Elite’s dedication to creating a vibrant pickleball community grounded in skill development and mutual support.

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For the uninitiated, pickleball embodies a dynamic fusion of tennis, ping-pong, padel, and badminton, captivating enthusiasts with its fast-paced gameplay and accessible appeal. The emergence of dedicated venues and social hubs across Houston, including the recent debuts of Travis Kelce-backed Chicken N’ Pickle in Webster and PKL Social in The Heights, evidences the sport’s burgeoning popularity.

A new era of sporting excitement and community engagement in the heart of Houston’s vibrant landscape awaits with the unveiling of Elite Pickleball Club’s flagship facility in Clear Lake.

News in Brief : Houston-Area Randalls Set to Transform

Clear Lake’s Bay Pointe Shopping Center is set for a rejuvenation as Elite Pickleball Club announces its plans to convert a former Randalls supermarket into Houston’s first fully dedicated indoor pickleball facility. Led by professionals Shellton and Debi Jean Baptiste, the club aims to introduce 13-14 courts by January 2025, offering a vibrant space for players of all levels. With personalized instruction and varied membership options, Elite strives to foster a supportive pickleball community.

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