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Tallahassee Welcomes The Pickle Pad for Pickleball Enthusiasts

Tallahassee Welcomes The Pickle Pad: The unmistakable sound of pickleballs striking paddles reverberates throughout Tallahassee’s latest “indoor pickleball playground”.¬†Debuting its grand opening on Monday, The Pickle Pad, a novel franchise venture from Indoor Active Brands, beckons pickleball enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a blend of competition and camaraderie.

While the sport takes center stage, the Pickle Pad transcends conventional court spaces. Boasting a multifaceted entertainment concept, the venue introduces “Crave Social Eatery,” a chef-curated dining experience, alongside an array of over 20 gaming options encompassing all the indoor and outdoor classics.

Mike Rotondo, CEO of Indoor Active Brands, elucidated the vision,

“Our mission is to cultivate the ultimate hub for exhilarating pickleball experiences in Tallahassee and beyond. We’re eager to extend this indelible journey to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.”

Occupying a sprawling 27,000-square-foot locale at 1925 N Monroe St., The Pickle Pad promises an unparalleled haven for seasoned players and newcomers. Offering instructional sessions, league matches, and even a state-of-the-art pickleball simulator, the facility caters to diverse skill levels and preferences.

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During downtime, patrons can channel their competitive fervor into games of cornhole, foosball, or darts. Alternatively, they can replenish their energy reserves at Crave Social Eatery, an in-house dining enclave serving up a collection of health-conscious fare, including smoothies, grain bowls, salads, flatbread pizzas, and customizable sandwiches.

“The Pickle Pad encapsulates the essence of leisure and play, making it a quintessential destination for pickleball aficionados and socializers alike,” asserts the official press release. With its vibrant combination of sport, dining, and socializing, The Pickle Pad emerges as a hotspot for those seeking an immersive and dynamic recreational experience.

News in Brief: Tallahassee Welcomes The Pickle Pad

Tallahassee’s newest indoor pickleball venue, The Pickle Pad, offers more than just courts. With a diverse entertainment concept including a dining experience called Crave Social Eatery and over 20 gaming options, it aims to be a hub for pickleball enthusiasts of all ages.
CEO Mike Rotondo emphasizes inclusivity, offering instructional sessions, league matches, and a pickleball simulator. Patrons can also enjoy games like cornhole and foosball, and dine on health-conscious fare. The venue promises a vibrant blend of sport, dining, and socializing, making it a must-visit destination in Tallahassee.


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