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Seattle Pioneers Rebrand as Carolina Pickleball Club

Seattle Pioneers Rebrand:  In the ever-evolving landscape of sports, transitions are not uncommon, but few capture the imagination quite like the rebranding and relocation of a beloved team. Such is the case with the former Seattle Pioneers rebrand as the Carolina Pickleball Club, marking a new chapter in the storied archives of Major League Pickleball (MLP).

Founded in 2023 under the supervision of Tom Dundon, the Seattle Pioneers incorporate the spirit of innovation and adventure, their denomination a testament to the sport’s rich heritage and promising future. Yet, as the tides of change swept across the pickleball landscape, the decision was made to set sail for new horizons, guided by Dundon’s vision and ambition.

Against the backdrop of the growing pickleball scene in the Carolinas, the Carolina Pickleball Club stands out as a symbol of hope and potential, ready to make a splash in competitive play. With star players like Ben Johns, Collin Johns, Jessie Irvine, and Andrea Koop on its roster, the club is a strong team, assured to leave a lasting impression on the MLP circuit.

As the Carolina Pickleball Club prepares to make its debut at MLP Washington D.C., anticipation runs high, with fans eagerly awaiting the excitement of competition and the promise of victory. In a tournament featuring 15 teams and 34 exciting matches, the stage is set for a spectacle unlike any other.

With coverage provided by esteemed platforms such as AXS TV, Pickleball TV, and MLP’s official YouTube Channel, the excitement is perceivable, reverberating across the pickleball community and beyond.

News in Brief: Seattle Pioneers Rebrand

The Seattle Pioneers have rebranded and relocated, becoming the Carolina Pickleball Club. Founded in 2023 by Tom Dundon, the team now boasts top players like Ben and Collin Johns. Debuting at MLP Washington D.C., the club aims to make a significant impact in Major League Pickleball.

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