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Puyallup Rec Center Adds Pickleball Courts To Meet Demand

Puyallup Rec Center Adds Pickleball Courts: Puyallup, WA Pickleball enthusiasts in Puyallup have reason to celebrate as the Recreation Center unveils its latest addition: converted outdoor basketball courts transformed into dedicated pickleball courts. The move comes in response to overwhelming demand from the community, signaling the sport’s burgeoning popularity.

Cody Geddes, Director of Parks and Recreation, emphasizes the city’s commitment to meeting the diverse recreational needs of its residents. “Identifying the community’s need for more pickleball facilities was paramount,” Geddes explains. “With Clarks Creek courts often bustling with eager players, it was clear that additional space was necessary.”

“What it came down to was identifying a need within the community,”

“We know that people in the community have been asking for more pickleball courts for a while now. Currently, the courts at Clarks Creek have a line of people waiting to play on any given day. So, we know there is enough demand to warrant adding these courts.” – Geddes

Acknowledging the importance of maintaining accessibility for all sports enthusiasts, Geddes assures basketball fans that the conversion does not compromise their court access. “It’s about striking a balance,” he says. “We’re ensuring everyone can enjoy their preferred activities without hindrance.”

“The thing that we want the public to know is, whenever we add a new sport option, we need to balance the needs of all the existing options that are out there,” said Geddes. “For example, when we striped the pickleball courts onto the existing basketball courts, we made sure to be cognizant of the people who wanted to shoot hoops so that it didn’t negatively impact them.”

The conversion involved stripping the basketball courts for pickleball play and enhancing the lighting system to extend playing hours. Funded by a generous grant from Niagara Bottling and the National Recreation and Parks Association, the project underscores the city’s commitment to promoting recreational diversity.

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A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated the unveiling of the new courts, drawing praise from local pickleball enthusiasts. “These courts are fantastic,” remarked one attendee, reflecting the sport’s enduring appeal in Pierce County.

Pickleball’s rise to prominence parallels its simplicity and broad appeal, according to Geddes.

“Its ease of learning and inclusive nature attract players of all ages,” Geddes. “From octogenarians to youngsters, pickleball fosters a sense of community and camaraderie.”

Originating in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, pickleball’s nomenclature remains a subject of debate, with theories ranging from rowing terminology to canine inspiration. Regardless of its etymology, the sport’s popularity continues to soar, captivating enthusiasts nationwide.

In addition to the Recreation Center, pickleball aficionados can enjoy the sport at Clarks Creek North Park and the Memorial Center. For reservation and usage information, visit the city’s Parks and Recreation website, inviting enthusiasts to join the pickleball craze sweeping through Puyallup.

News in Brief : Puyallup Rec Center Adds Pickleball Courts

Puyallup’s Recreation Center responds to community demand with converted basketball courts now dedicated to pickleball. Supported by grants, the move maintains balance for all sports enthusiasts. The recent ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrates the city’s commitment to recreational diversity, drawing praise from locals. Pickleball’s rise in Pierce County underscores its inclusive appeal across generations. With extended playing hours and accessible locations, join the pickleball craze sweeping through Puyallup.

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