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Lake Elsinore’s Surprising Move To Ace Pickleball Craze

Lake Elsinore’s Surprising Move: Lake Elsinore, CA the rising popularity of pickleball in Lake Elsinore prompts the city’s move to construct additional courts, as revealed in the upcoming City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

An agreement poised for approval during the meeting entails the construction of four courts at Serenity Park and three at Alberhill Ranch Community Park. City documents indicate that Canyon Lake-based Cotter Construction will undertake the project within a budget not exceeding $262,500. Pickleball, a fast-growing racket sport, has garnered significant demand in Lake Elsinore, despite concerns about noise disturbance due to the sport’s unique ball material.

The construction plan outlined in the documents emphasizes the creation of dedicated pickleball courts, distinct from existing park amenities such as tennis or basketball courts. Cotter Construction’s approach involves excavating sod, compacting the soil, and applying a vapor barrier before laying rebar and pouring concrete. Cotter Construction will finish the courts with an acrylic coating, complementing them with new fencing, nets, posts, and center straps.

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The bidding process for the project concluded with Cotter Construction offering the most cost-effective proposal, with the highest bid exceeding $800,000.

This summer, construction will begin on the new pickleball courts at Alberhill Ranch Community Park and Serenity Park. The locations of Alberhill Ranch Community Park and Serenity Park are 28200 Lake Street and 19685 Palomar Street, respectively.

News in Brief: Lake Elsinore’s Surprising Move

Lake Elsinore is embracing the pickleball craze with plans to build additional courts, aiming to meet the soaring demand revealed in an upcoming City Council meeting. With construction set to begin this summer at Alberhill Ranch Community Park and Serenity Park, the city aims to cater to enthusiasts’ needs while addressing concerns about noise disturbance. Cotter Construction secures the project, offering a budget-friendly proposal under $262,500.



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