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Pickleball Paddles Launched by Rifle Paper: A Stylish Makeover

Pickleball Paddles Launched by Rifle Paper, a stylish makeover: Stationery brand Rifle Paper Co. collaborates with premium equipment maker Tangerine, offering limited-edition paddles adorned with Rifle Paper Co.’s signature prints. This unexpected marriage of functionality and fashion is likely to be a summer smash, so expect these stylish essentials to disappear faster than a perfectly placed drop shot. Pickleball’s grip on the nation tightens as courts teem with players and equipment disappears from store shelves faster than a perfectly executed dropshot. For those seeking to elevate their game and their style this summer, look no further than the unexpected collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and Tangerine.

This isn’t only your standard brand partnership, but a personal connection between Rifle Paper Co.’s co-founder, Anna Bond, and Tangerine’s founder, Carly Llewellyn, blossoms into a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. The result imagined top-rated Tangerine paddles transformed into canvases for Rifle Paper Co.’s signature floral prints. These aren’t just beautiful – the lightweight, powerful fiberglass surfaces ensure they’re built to dominate the court.

The floral takeover extends beyond the paddles. A range of stylish apparel and accessories blooming with Rifle Paper Co.’s signature flair. Think T-shirts adorned with vibrant Hydrangea or Garden Party prints, baseball caps offering a touch of shade in floral patterns, and canvas totes perfect for carrying all your pickleball essentials. The limited-edition, screen-printed poster featuring an exclusive illustration by Bond, mirroring the design on the sure-to-sell-out T-shirts – a true collector’s item for any pickleball enthusiast.

Rifle Paper Co. x Tangerine Paddle Designs

Pickleball Paddles Launched by Rifle Paper

  • Hydrangea: white flowers on a light blue background paired with a blue-and-white striped paddle back
  • Garden Party: a multi-colored floral design with a green-and-pink striped back

Function seamlessly intertwines with fashion throughout the collection. The Bramble Fields Pursuit sneakers, for example, offer a modern twist on the classic court shoe. Crisp white leather provides a base for subtle floral accents, ensuring you look sharp while making those quick volleys.

“I’m so excited that our customers will be able to play with such a beautiful product.”- Anna Bond

Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball pro or a curious newcomer dipping your toes into the sport, this collaboration offers the perfect opportunity to elevate your game and your look on the court. Rifle Paper Co.’s signature aesthetic infused with Tangerine’s proven performance creates a collection poised to be a summer smash.

News In Brief: Pickleball Paddles Launched by Rifle Paper

Rifle Paper Co. partnered with pickleball equipment maker Tangerine for a limited-edition paddle collection. The paddles feature Rifle Paper Co.’s signature floral prints on high-performance surfaces. This unexpected collaboration offers stylish apparel and accessories too, all with a floral theme. Think T-shirts, hats, and tote bags. There’s even a limited-edition poster! This collection is perfect for elevating your pickleball game and look.

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