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Pittsburgh’s New Pickleball Warehouse Facility Arriving

Pittsburgh’s New Pickleball Warehouse Facility: Bryan Wigginton and Alexa Gervasi discovered pickleball two years ago as a way to stay active together in their Polish Hill home. Now, their passion for the sport has grown into a new business: The Pickleball Warehouse, opening this summer in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood.

The facility, spanning 80,000 square feet, aims to address the growing demand for indoor pickleball courts in a city known for unpredictable weather. It will feature a substantial setup with at least 15 full-size courts, several half-courts, and facilities like a pro shop, coffee bar, lounge area, and eventually, an in-house kitchen and bar.

According to Gervasi, a lawyer at Kraus Jenkins, popular outdoor pickleball spots like Washington’s Landing, Schenley Park, and Blue Slide Park often have long wait times due to the sport’s popularity. Many players currently have to settle for basketball gyms with different flooring or travel outside the city for indoor play.

Beyond the sport itself, Gervasi highlights pickleball’s accessibility, which has attracted a diverse range of participants. “I’ve never played a sport in my life, and I was able to pick it up,” she said.

Pittsburgh's New Pickleball Warehouse Facility

The Pickleball Warehouse is not the only indoor facility on the horizon for Pittsburgh. Pickleball Harbor in Murrysville is also scheduled to open in July, reflecting the sport’s growing popularity.

Wigginton, formerly a schoolteacher, left his job at Pittsburgh Public School to focus full-time on The Pickleball Warehouse.

“It’s addicting,” he said. “You want to play constantly, I play just about every day.”

The couple is personally overseeing renovations of the warehouse, previously home to The Wheel Mill, an indoor BMX park. They’ve embraced the building’s industrial charm, incorporating local graffiti artwork to enhance its aesthetic. “We have pickleball friends that we see more than our normal friends,” said Wigginton and they’re part of multiple active pickleball group chats.

“You sit out sometimes for a game, and you chat and get to know each other,” Wigginton said. “So you really forge relationships.”

With a hands-on approach to construction, Wigginton hopes to keep membership fees affordable, prioritizing inclusivity. They plan to beta-test operating hours to ensure they accommodate players’ preferences.

“This is a Pittsburgh warehouse, and we’re trying to lean into that where we can,” Wigginton said. “I think that’s going to pay off, and it’s going to be a really cool aesthetic.”

Looking ahead, The Pickleball Warehouse aims to contribute positively to the Homewood community, traditionally underserved in terms of recreational facilities. Future plans include hosting professional tournaments and offering summer camps for children.

Pittsburgh's New Pickleball Warehouse Facility

News in Brief: Pittsburgh’s New Pickleball Warehouse Facility

Bryan Wigginton and Alexa Gervasi are bringing Pittsburgh its largest indoor pickleball facility, The Pickleball Warehouse, opening this summer in Homewood. Spanning 80,000 square feet, it features 15 full-size courts, half-courts, a pro shop, a coffee bar, and a lounge area, with plans for a kitchen and bar. Addressing the city’s need for indoor courts due to weather constraints, the warehouse aims for affordability and inclusivity, welcoming all skill levels. Set in a renovated industrial space with local graffiti art, it promises to build community and host tournaments, aiming to enrich the Homewood neighborhood with recreational opportunities.

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