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MLP Reveals Pick Order for Waiver Period 1

MLP Reveals Pick Order for Waiver Period 1: Major League Pickleball (MLP) has revealed the pick order for the first waiver period of the season. The waiver process will follow over two days, with the Premier Level making their selections on Thursday, June 20, starting at noon ET, followed by the Challenger Level on Friday, June 21, also beginning at noon ET. Picks will be made every 15 minutes.

Understanding the Waiver Process

The waiver order is accurately determined to ensure fairness and account for the varying number of matches played by teams so far this season. Here’s how it works:

1. Points per match: Teams are ranked from lowest to highest based on the points they’ve accumulated per match.
2. First tiebreaker: If teams have the same points per match, the next consideration is their match win percentage.
3. Second tiebreaker: If the tie persists, the final tiebreaker is the percentage of games won.

Who’s Available for Selection?

The pool of players available during this waiver period is diverse, giving teams plenty of options to strengthen their lineups. Here’s a breakdown:

  • IR Replacements: Players who were brought in as injury replacements for the MLP event in Washington D.C. are now up for grabs.
  • MLP Contracted Players: Players who are under contract with MLP but are currently not assigned to any team.
  • Non-Contracted Players: These players can be selected, provided they sign a league contract before stepping onto the court.

Premier and Challenger Level

The two-day waiver period is divided to provide for the distinct needs of the Premier and Challenger levels. This structure ensures that both top-tier and aspiring teams have the opportunity to refine their line-ups:

Premier Level: The more competitive of the two, the Premier Level teams will have first picks, beginning their selections on Thursday. Teams will make their picks if they choose to make line-up changes, every fifteen minutes. Premier Level teams will select in the following order:

1. Utah Black Diamonds
2. Carolina Pickleball Club
3. Arizona Drive
4. Columbus Sliders
5. Orlando Squeeze
6. Los Angeles Mad Drops
7. Texas Ranchers
8. D.C. Pickleball Team
9. New York Hustlers
10. Dallas Flash
11. New Jersey 5s
12. St. Louis Shock

Challenger Level: Teams in this division will follow on Friday, giving them a chance to pick every 15 minutes and build up their competitive edge. Challenger Level teams will select in the following order:

1. California Black Bears
2. Chicago Slice
3. SoCal Hard Eights
4. Florida Smash
5. Miami Pickleball Club
6. Frisco Pandas
7. Atlanta Bouncers
8. Brooklyn Aces
9. Bay Area Breakers
10. Las Vegas Night Owls

MLP Reveals Pick Order for Waiver Period 1
Image credit: Major League Pickleball

What to Expect

Both fans and teams are looking forward to the waiver selections, which promise to bring fresh talent and strategic adjustments. This waiver period is crucial as teams look to address weaknesses, cover for injuries, or simply build new energy into their lineups.

The waiver period is an important moment in MLP. It allows teams to make critical adjustments and ensures that the league remains dynamic and competitive.

With the waiver picks just around the corner, the excitement is visible. Teams are strategizing, fans are speculating, and the players themselves are ready to prove their worth on the court. The upcoming selections will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the season, making this a must-watch event for all pickleball enthusiasts.

News in Brief: MLP Reveals Pick Order for Waiver Period 1

Major League Pickleball (MLP) has announced the pick order for its first waiver period, scheduled over two days to accommodate both Premier and Challenger Divisions. Premier Division teams will select players on Thursday, June 20, starting at noon ET, followed by the Challenger Division on Friday, June 21, also starting at noon ET, with picks made every 15 minutes.

The waiver process ensures fairness, ranking teams based on points per match, match win percentage, and games won percentage in case of ties. Available players include those initially brought in as injury replacements for the MLP event in Washington D.C., MLP-contracted players currently unassigned, and non-contracted players eligible upon signing league contracts.

This period is crucial for teams aiming to strengthen their lineups and adjust strategies for the season. It promises to bring fresh talent into the league, influencing the competitive landscape of both divisions. Both fans and teams anticipate the selections, looking forward to the strategic moves that will unfold and shape the future of professional pickleball in MLP.

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