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Fort Collins Pickleball Explosion: Ultimate Guide to Courts

Fort Collins Pickleball Explosion: In Northern Colorado, the craze for pickleball continues to surge, mirroring a national trend that has seen participation skyrocket by 223% over the past three years, according to the reports.

Fort Collins, in particular, has embraced this paddle sport with enthusiasm, boasting over 50 courts available to the public across various locations. The city’s Parks, Planning, and Development department is even considering the addition of a new 12-court outdoor pickleball complex, thanks to a generous donation from the Fort Collins Pickleball Club.

As of summer 2024, pickleball enthusiasts have a plenty of options for play in Fort Collins. Dedicated outdoor courts include popular spots like City Park with its four permanent courts and Twin Silo Park, each offering free drop-in play along with the option to reserve courts through the Lewis Tennis School.

For those preferring indoor play or looking to beat the elements, Fort Collins offers several multi-use facilities. The Fort Collins Senior Center provides up to three courts, available for a nominal fee, while the Fort Collins Club on East Prospect Road offers a complimentary 7-day pass for prospective members to experience its indoor pickleball offerings.

Community centers like Northside Aztlan and recreational facilities at Colorado State University also cater to pickleball enthusiasts with flexible play times and affordable access options. The Raintree Athletic Club and CSU Student Recreation Center provide additional venues, each accommodating varying levels of play and membership requirements.

Fort Collins Pickleball Explosion

In addition to these indoor options, outdoor venues remain a cornerstone of Fort Collins pickleball culture. Spring Canyon Park leads the charge with up to 12 courts available for free drop-in play, complemented by other outdoor sites like Troutman Park and Fossil Creek Park, which also offer affordable reservation options for those looking to secure court time.

With the city’s commitment to expanding pickleball infrastructure and the growing demand evident in both local and national trends, Fort Collins continues to solidify its reputation as a hotspot for pickleball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. As interest in the sport shows no signs of waning, residents can expect further developments to support this vibrant pickleball community well into the future.

News in Brief : Fort Collins Pickleball Explosion

Pickleball has surged in popularity nationally, including in Fort Collins, where over 50 courts cater to enthusiasts. The city plans to assess adding a 12-court outdoor complex due to rising demand. Publicly accessible venues like City Park and Twin Silo Park offer free drop-in play, with options for court reservations. Indoor facilities at places like Fort Collins Senior Center and Raintree Athletic Club provide year-round play, each with unique membership options. Notably, Northside Aztlan Community Center offers up to 9 courts with flexible access. Outdoor locations such as Spring Canyon Park, Troutman Park, and Fossil Creek Park continue to draw players with their free drop-in sessions and court reservation options.

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