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Noe Khlif Strengthens Miami Pickleball Club’s Lineup

Noe Khlif Strengthens Miami Pickleball Club’s Lineup: The Miami Pickleball Club has started off the latest waiver period with decisive changes aimed at strengthening their lineup. In a strategic move, they’ve swapped out Roscoe Bellamy, who has faced challenges in mixed doubles this MLP season, with the arrival of Noe Khlif.

Bellamy’s time alongside Rianna Valdes resulted in disappointing outcomes, with the team failing to secure a victory in any of their initial events. The choice to replace him highlights Miami’s dedication to enhancing their competitive edge.


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Noe Khlif steps into the fold amid a growing career, highlighted by notable quarterfinal appearances in men’s doubles at prestigious tournaments such as the Selkirk Red Rock Open and CIBC Texas Open. While relatively untested in mixed doubles, Khlif brings a fresh dynamic to Miami’s lineup, joining forces with established players like Bobbi Oshiro, Milan Rane, and Eric Oncins.

Noe Khlif Strengthens Miami Pickleball Club's Lineup
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Miami, currently ranked sixth in the highly competitive Challenger Level standings, aims to leverage these adjustments to climb the leaderboard. As the season progresses, the club anticipates that Khlif’s inclusion will bring renewed energy into their lineup.

With Miami preparing for upcoming MLP engagements, including strategic matchups and important playoff pursuits, all eyes will be on how these changes shape their path in the league.

News in Brief: Noe Khlif Strengthens Miami Pickleball Club’s Lineup

Miami Pickleball Club enhances the lineup by swapping Roscoe Bellamy for Noe Khlif, aiming to strengthen mixed doubles play. Khlif, known for strong men’s doubles performances, joins Bobbi Oshiro, Milan, and Eric Oncins in Miami’s Challenger Level team. The team, currently sixth in the standings, seeks to subsidize Khlif’s skills for improved competitive results and playoff contention in Major League Pickleball.

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