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Tehachapi City Council Greenlights Pickleball Expansion, Approves Gear Buy

Tehachapi City Council Greenlights Pickleball Expansion: Amidst the buzz of pickleball players filling the courts outside, the Tehachapi City Council convened on Monday night to celebrate the success of their recent investment of nearly $100,000. Key Budge, the Community Engagement Manager, took the stage to introduce Glenda Love, a certified pickleball instructor, and Corey Torres, the district manager of the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District. Budge shared with the council the resounding success of the new pickleball courts, which have been bustling with activity since their grand opening on May 1. He recounted receiving numerous requests for classes, clinics, and drills, indicating a growing interest among players to hone their skills.

In a strategic move to further foster the sport’s growth, the city has forged a partnership with Love and TVRPD to offer specialized classes. Individuals eager to refine their pickleball prowess can now conveniently register for these events online at their official website. In a nod to community spirit, a nominal participation fee will be charged, with proceeds being split between the instructor and TVRPD. Notably, a portion of these funds will be earmarked for the Tehachapi Police Foundation, supporting youth initiatives such as the Explorer program and future “pickleball with the police” events.

Council Deliberations: Empowering Community Progress

Following the update on pickleball success, the council delved into their regular meeting agenda. Despite the absence of Mayor Michael Davies, Mayor Pro Tem Joan Pogon-Cord adeptly chaired the session. Key decisions were made, including the adoption of a resolution for a general municipal election on Nov. 5. The council greenlit special event applications for the upcoming All-American 4th of July event and 5K run, affirming their commitment to community celebrations.

Other notable approvals included a lease agreement with EAA Chapter L687 for the rental of an airport maintenance hangar, paving the way for educational programs like Build-A-Plane. Additionally, significant investments were made in new asset management software and essential equipment for the Public Works Department. The council also authorized the filing of a grant application for a USDA program aimed at enhancing the city’s biking infrastructure.

Tehachapi City Council Greenlights Pickleball Expansion

Community Concerns Addressed: A Promise of Action

In a display of their dedication to community concerns, the council heard from residents Robert Cummings and Jack Hicks. Cummings raised issues about disturbances near the Salvation Army Community Center, while Hicks highlighted traffic concerns on Mill Street. Assuring swift action, Tehachapi Police Chief Richard Standridge pledged to address their grievances personally in the days to come. With a renewed sense of purpose, the council adjourned, poised to continue their efforts in shaping a vibrant and responsive community in Tehachapi.

News In Brief: Tehachapi City Council Greenlights Pickleball Expansion

The Tehachapi City Council celebrates the success of their investment in pickleball courts, witnessing a surge in community engagement since the courts’ opening in May. Partnering with a certified instructor and the local park district, they offer specialized classes, with proceeds supporting youth initiatives through the Tehachapi Police Foundation. Amidst council deliberations, key decisions are made, including event approvals and infrastructure investments. Residents’ concerns about community disturbances and traffic are addressed, reflecting the council’s commitment to proactive governance. With a renewed focus on community welfare, the council adjourns, poised to continue fostering a vibrant and responsive community in Tehachapi.

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