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TimberTown Pickleball Courts Grand Opening in Chelsea on June 10th

TimberTown Pickleball Courts Grand Opening: The newly constructed dedicated pickleball courts at TimberTown, located on the north side of the city off Sibley Rd., will open for play on Monday, June 10th, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. This development provides Chelsea with one of the fastest-growing sports in America, right in their local public park. TimberTown Park, long a hub for community recreation, boasts amenities like a large wooden play structure for children, green space for old-time baseball games, and sand volleyball courts for adult leagues. The addition of six dedicated, privately funded pickleball courts enhances this already vibrant community space.

Chelsea Pickleball players, previously based indoors at the Chelsea Senior Center, have enjoyed court time in the gym but have long awaited an outdoor venue. Last year, this dream began to take shape when they teamed up with Jeff Hardcastle, a founder and board chair for eight years of the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI). HWPI, known for the Border-to-Border Trail System and the upcoming TimberTown Reimagined project, played a pivotal role. Hardcastle’s meeting with local USAP recreation specialist and pickleball ambassador Laura Ouellette sparked a vision that quickly became reality. With support from the city manager, city council, 5 Healthy Towns, and the Parks Commission, local players and leaders launched a massive fundraising effort. Remarkably, they raised sufficient funds within 90 days to start construction last fall. Once spring arrived, completion followed quickly, and Chelsea Pickleball is elated to see their dream come true.

The ceremony at TimberTown Park on June 10th at 10 a.m. is open to the community. We encourage players to bring their paddles and balls to enjoy the new courts. The park features posted court rules, guidelines, and daily hours for open play, making it a standout public recreation area. Chelsea continues to shine as a premier community for recreational facilities.

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News in Brief : TimberTown Pickleball Courts Grand Opening

The TimberTown Pickleball Courts in Chelsea will open on June 10th after a 10 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located off Sibley Rd., the new outdoor courts were funded through a community effort, led by Jeff Hardcastle and supported by various local groups. Chelsea Pickleball players, previously playing indoors, now have a dedicated outdoor venue. The ceremony is open to the community, encouraging players to bring equipment. The park, which already offers various amenities, now features posted rules and open play hours for the new courts.



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